Bahrain’s Minister of Human Rights and Social Development Discusses Vigorous Implementation Plan for National Dialogue Reforms

By Kingdom Of Bahrain, PRNE
Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MANAMA, Bahrain, August 17, 2011 -

Bahrain’s Minister of Human Rights and Social Development and Acting Minister of Health, Dr. Fatima Mohammed Al Balooshi, discussed the implementation plan for the reforms that resulted from Bahrain’s National Dialogue at a press conference in Manama today.

The Ministry of Social Development will work in tandem with Bahrain’s Ministry of Health and Supreme Council for Women to implement a total of 72 reforms that were agreed upon by National Dialogue attendees. These reforms will strengthen Bahrain’s commitment to human rights by expanding comprehensive health benefits and increasing rights and benefits for women and children.

“This is a historical phase for Bahrain, where all groups in the country met and agreed to work towards a better future… The concept of partnership, dialogue, progressive politics, and respect for human rights has always been a part of Bahrain’s culture,” said Dr. Al Balooshi.

Discussing Bahrain’s human rights record, Dr. Al Balooshi said, “Bahrain is a beacon in the region for personal freedoms, freedom of expression, open dialogue and development.” The Ministry of Human Rights and Social Development will inaugurate a study to assess ways to prevent religious sectarianism in political institutions. This will be done with the help of Bahrain’s Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Interior. To reaffirm its commitment to human rights, Bahrain’s government will join international conventions and codify new human rights laws.

To combat poverty in Bahrain, the government will increase social assistance funding for families in need. Bahrain is committed to helping those in need and will provide them with training and other tools to help them achieve a level of self reliance.  Dr. Al Balooshi noted that the Ministry will also work to create and finance a new program that will help women achieve self-employment through entrepreneurial projects.

“This is a period of political maturity where we have learned so much from recent events. And together we will all move forward to ensure brighter days for Bahrain,” Dr. Al Balooshi concluded.


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