Bahrain’s Ministry of Justice Responds to Opposition’s Decision to Disengage from Election Process

By Bahrain Ministry Of Justice, PRNE
Sunday, August 14, 2011

MANAMA, Bahrain, August 15, 2011 -

The Ministry of Justice announced today that opposing political societies who wish to boycott the upcoming elections are responsible for their actions. However, Bahrain’s government encourages everyone to participate.

The government remains steadfast in its commitment to reforms and democracy, and it will continue to work towards a successful election period for all Bahrainis. The Ministry of Justice believes that active engagement in the electoral process is critical for the long term success of Bahrain’s democratic system.

Bahrain’s enduring democracy is contingent on a strong voting process. Citizens must have options on Election Day. The government of Bahrain is committed to providing citizens with a democratic government and a fair and transparent judicial and electoral system. However, for the democratic process to be effective, voters need to be able to freely elect individuals that will articulate concerns to the government on their behalf,” said Bahrain’s Minister of Justice Sheikh Kahlid Al Khalifa.

Bahrain’s government has repeatedly tried to work with all groups to implement important reforms for the future. However, attempts have been met with some resistance from opposing political societies.  During Bahrain’s National Dialogue, certain members from these societies dismissed the opportunity for open discourse.

Judge Abdulla Al Buainain, President of the Legislation and Legal Opinion Commission is overseeing the forthcoming special elections.

Bahrain prides itself on having a strong democracy and rule of law. These are not new concepts to us. We are heeding the calls of all Bahrainis to strengthen our democratic process in all areas. Our National Dialogue has been our path forward. These elections can be a milestone in our efforts to move ahead alongside one another rather than apart. Those who turn their backs on the democratic process are making a grave error,” Judge Al Buainain said.

“A stronger democracy in Bahrain is imminent, but all perspectives and views need to be involved in the process. Disengagement will not foster mutual respect or democracy. It will only hinder it,” the Minister concluded.

Opposing political societies who held 18 out of 40 seats in Bahrain’s parliament resigned all of those posts in February 2011. The collective resignation of those seats brought about the special elections which they are now refusing to partake in.

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