Banco Cruzeiro do Sul is Launching Star Cash Today (Aug 23), the First and Only Pre-Paid Multi-Currency Card in Brazil, Accepted All Over the World

By Banco Cruzeiro Do Sul, PRNE
Monday, August 22, 2011

SAO PAULO, August 23, 2011 -

Banco Cruzeiro do Sul, which has been operating in the market for credit cards and consigned loans since 1933, is launching Star Cash today (August 23), the first and only pre-paid, multi-currency card in Brazil, accepted all over the world. The new card can be recharged with up to eleven different currencies: American, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand Dollars, Euros, Swiss Francs, Pounds, Yen, and Argentine, Chilean and Bolivian Pesos. Other currencies can be included based on market need.

Another advantage is that the holder of the Star Cash card will have a web platform (, through which he can execute a variety of operations - purchases, checking balances and transactions, as well as currency transfers, among others.

The new card, which carries the Visa TravelMoney, can be used abroad for withdrawals at thousands of Rede Visa Plus cash machines, and will be accepted at hotels, restaurants, car rental agencies, by airlines, and for purchases at more than 30 million establishments associated with the Visa network.

For payment operations the user does not pay any type of fee. Fees are charged only for withdrawals, and the information for these rates will be available at the website. In the event of loss or theft, the holder can block the card over the internet or by phone through the Call Center.

Another advantage of Star Cash is the possibility of making transfers of currency balances with partial or total conversion done directly by the site, whenever it is wanted, ensuring flexibility, convenience and safety for financial operations conducted on international trips.

The goal of Banco Cruzeiro do Sul is to commercialize 100 thousand cards in 2011, and 200 thousand in 2012. Soon, Star Cash will also be available abroad for foreign travelers interested in discovering Brazil and other countries in Latin America.  

Star Cash is a product of the foreign currency department at Banco Cruzeiro do Sul, which holds 17th place in the Central Bank ranking created three years ago, and is engaged in buying and selling paper currency, foreign currency for imports, exports and financial remittances, imports and exports of gold, as well as operations on the interbank currency exchange market.

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