Discussions Among Leaders and Technological Innovations were Highlights at ABTCP 2011

By Abtcp, PRNE
Wednesday, November 9, 2011

SAO PAULO, November 10, 2011 -


- Largest pulp and paper event in Latin America brought together the key leaders and managers of the industry, in addition to representatives of government and Eletrobras, researchers and scientists


ABTCP 2011 - The 44th Pulp and Paper International Congress and Exhibition, sponsored by ABTCP (Associacao Brasileira Tecnica de Celulose e Papel), in partnership with its German affiliate, ZELLCHEMING - Association of Chemical Pulp and Paper Chemists and Engineers, in Sao Paulo, received 8.2 thousand visitors from October 3rd through 5th, confirming its position as the largest pulp and paper gathering in Latin America.

The event, which also featured the 1st Latin American Packing Paper Symposium, was considered a success by the ABTCP. More than 400 people took part in the congress and symposium, and out of a total of 8.2 thousand visitors, 97.9% expressed satisfaction. The exhibit was attended by 191 exhibitors, distributed in an area of 6,021 thousand m2.

According to the technical manager of the organization, and director of ABTCP 2011, Afonso Moura, the highlights were the high level of studies presented and speakers, and the participation of key leaders from the largest companies in the industry, as well as from the Science and Technology Secretary of the government of the state of Sao Paulo, of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Commerce, and from Eletrobras.

“We managed to bring together the key directors, academics, researchers, consultants, professionals and specialists from the entire productive chain of the pulp and paper industry at an event which afforded a synthesis of the most important concepts in the industry,” notes Moura.  

According to Moura, the level of satisfaction of the participants was confirmed by the high level of reservations of space at ABTCP 2012. More than 4.8 thousand m2 have already been reserved - the equivalent of roughly 50% of the total area at next year’s exhibit, which will have 9.2 thousand m2.

Moura emphasized that the 2012 event will also have a third pavilion of exhibits, and the intention is to attract more exhibitors from the supply and forest chains, including large manufacturers of pulp and paper.

The 44th Pulp and Paper International Congress and Exhibition
Where: Transamerica Expo Center
When: October 3rd to 5th
More information at: www.abtcp2011.org.br/

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