Baume & Mercier Turns the Hampton Collection Into an Event

By Baume Mercier, PRNE
Tuesday, October 18, 2011

GENEVA, October 19, 2011 -

Today the video and dedicated website are finally being unveiled.  These were created for the launch of the new Hampton collection, restating Baume & Mercier’s desire to foster proximity and conviviality with its aficionados from across the globe by using new media as the favoured means for promoting the brand. Shot in a ‘mansion’ style interior, the traditional residences of the Hamptons, the video is suffused with the characteristic light of this region between sea and sky and immerses us in a poetical and mysterious universe. Taking on the form of an initiation tale, it uses the symbolism of time regained through a child who discovers the Hampton Collection. Emotion and marvel are promised!

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In keeping with the video the Collection website uses for its home page the interior of the “mansion” in which the video was shot, casting us back into its world of seaside living. There is direct access to the products section containing inspiring texts, product specifications, 360° views of timepieces with the option of zooming in on key elements and exploded view images allowing the visitor to get to the heart of the models in this new range. The Collection allows all of the harmony of the Hamptons to shine through: the rectangular shape of the initial Art Deco timepiece which inspired the collection has been retained; confidence with a satined domed volume on the case at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock; a generously enhanced curved sapphire crystal; and a curved case side at 3 and 9 o’clock. Other features of the collection are the modern two-toned dials with play on finishing and riveted Arabic numerals. However, the website is not content with merely displaying the models, it also provides information. Through videos which are available in the library section, it is possible to learn all about the Hamptons, the spirit of the place and of those who visited and who left their impression: artists in search of an inspirational haven. Thanks to Alexandre Peraldi, Director of the Design Studio, we can discover the origins of the collection, it stylistic underpinnings, the importance granted to each individual detail and the background of the creator, thus stepping right into the intimacy of not only the new Hampton collection, but also the Baume & Mercier firm. This is an enchanting journey to the heart of an iconic timepiece which allows us to better understand its exceptional nature.

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Founded in 1830, the Swiss Maison d’Horlogerie Baume & Mercier has had a proud track record of producing watches that consistently embody an ideal of excellence and affordable luxury for everyday living. Today, the brand’s four key collections include the classically feminine Linea for women, the sporty-elegant Capeland for men, the timeless Hampton for both men and women, and the Classima, perfect for all occasions and enhanced with new 2011 additions. The dawn of 2011 marks the start of a new chapter in Baume & Mercier’s history. The brand’s new universe is now represented by Seaside Living in the Hamptons, which corresponds to the genuine values of sharing, authenticity, and relaxed elegance. The Hamptons have inspired Baume & Mercier’s new claim: Life is about moments. Baume & Mercier’s mission is to be the natural companion of life’s celebrated moments, such as a birthday or anniversary, a graduation, a first job, or a family reunion, the kind that warms our hearts in any culture and on every continent.


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