Bigmouthmedia Urges Brands to Scrutinise Digital Marketing Campaigns in Light of New Rules

By Bigmouthmedia, PRNE
Monday, March 14, 2011

GLASGOW, Scotland, March 15, 2011 - Bigmouthmedia has published a white paper responding to the recent
regulatory changes and industry concerns surrounding the Advertising
Standards Authority's expansion into the digital sector.

The white paper, which focuses upon the key elements of commonplace
digital marketing techniques now set to come under increased scrutiny, urges
brands to reassess their current online strategies in the light of the new
rules. With judgements and the implementation of specific regulations over a
raft of standard tactics likely to be decided by a committee of experts over
the next year, remaining compliant with the extended rules will be a key
issue facing marketers in the months ahead.

"The ASA's move to expand its regulation of the digital marketing
industry is one of the most significant challenges facing us in 2011.
Although there has already been some speculation as to what exactly this will
mean the details of campaign techniques will be key, and we've produced a
comprehensive paper to provide insight into the expanded CAP code. We'd
encourage all brands to closely monitor a developing situation which could
have profound implications for the entire sector," said Lyndsay Menzies, CEO
of bigmouthmedia.

With its importance being supported by the UK government, the expanded
Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) code will address every element of a
brand's online activity to ensure that taste, decency and fair competition is
upheld across the full range of digital platforms. Bigmouthmedia's document
illustrates those digital marketing strategies likely to come under scrutiny
in the coming months, discussing areas which will require particular
attention and offering insight and advice.

Having been in regular communication with the regulatory body during the
months leading up to the legislative changes, bigmouthmedia has gained useful
insight into the implications which the expanded CAP code will have on the
sector, passing this on to brands and marketers alike in the recent

Owing to the fact that the regulations are to be complaints-led, it is
those marketing communications which directly involve the consumer which will
be the most widely open to scrutiny. Under the expanded rules competitive
claims made by brands, quoted prices and limited availability must be
disclosed, substantiated and be able to be verified.

Similarly, content will play a fundamental role in the new CAP code,
whether it is content generated by the brand and delivered across social
media or other digital platforms, or user generated content adopted by the
brand and published. All content promoted by a particular brand will be open
to scrutiny and must be considered.

Andrew Girdwood, Media Innovations Director at bigmouthmedia added: "The
willingness of the regulatory body to discuss the new remit with us in such
detail has been very helpful. We're particularly pleased we've been able to
encourage wider discussions on the implications of the CAP code; between the
committee and the IAB's Affiliate Council for example. We appreciate this is
just the beginning and we will be staying close to the subject."

The document in full can be viewed at or at
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