Bond Adapt Staffing Agency Software Reduces Weekly Timesheet, Invoicing and Payroll Processing Time From 3 Days to 1/2 a Day

By Bond International Software, PRNE
Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Configuration of Eminently Flexible Bond Adapt Recruitment Agency Software for P+K Recruitment to Cut Administrative Burden From 3 days per Week to Only 1/2 a day

LONDON, November 11, 2010 - P+K Recruitment, an employment agency specialising in the placing of
supply teachers across the education sector, will reduce the time taken to
complete timesheets and process invoices & payroll from three working days to
a maximum of half a day. Taking advantage of its inherent flexibility,
recruitment system ( Bond
Adapt - the recruitment agency software
( from Bond International
Software the staffing agency software ( & HCM specialist - has been
configured to meet the specific business needs of the agency.

P+K Recruitment is a recruitment system placing supply teachers in
positions across nursery, primary and secondary schools. With offices in
Wakefield, Sheffield and Birmingham, the business places over 500 teachers
per week.

Karl Housley, Business Director at P+K Recruitment comments, "A single
teacher could perform the same role, but be placed in different schools, for
different lengths of time, on different pay scales. Such an array of
permutations means creating timesheets, invoicing schools and running payroll
functions is an extremely drawn out and manual process, and at present, takes
up to three days per week to complete. Bond have therefore configured our
software to automate the timesheet completion process, and once we have
integrated Adapt over the coming weeks to automatically share data with Sage,
the time taken to complete the timesheets, payroll and invoicing functions
will be reduced to only half a day."

Bond Adapt is also helping P+K Recruitment system to securely store,
manage and share information on individual teachers. Whenever a supply
teacher was booked into a school, P+K Recruitment system would have to
manually collate the pertinent information on the teacher, such as
qualifications, criminal records, various background accreditations such as
CRB and GTC checks and even photography on the recruitment agency software,
so that it could be sent ahead of the teacher's arrival. This was an arduous
and time-consuming process, but has been replaced by Adapt's automated
staffing agency software creation of a single, manageable document.

Housley continues, "Safeguarding of children has become absolutely
paramount in the education sector, with schools now demanding more and more
scrutiny of the people they are employing, even if for only short periods.
Before even considering employing a supply teacher, schools are now
requesting we provide full background information, often in short timeframes.
The recruitment system from Bond Adapt recruitment agency software however
allows us to not only store this information, but also distribute it
instantly. The feedback from the schools following receiving these automated
documents has been excellent, thereby enhancing our reputation in the supply
teaching market."

Housley concludes, "The service we receive from Bond International
Staffing Agency Software has been excellent. Given our reasons for using the
recruitment system, we have requested very specific configurations, which
have always been provided by Bond recruitment system. Our account manager is
very understanding of our needs as a business, and always ensures
face-to-face contact whenever possible, which we really appreciate. Moving
forwards, we are looking to expand our business by setting up two new
companies for recruitment in two other verticals and I am confident that Bond
Adapt staffing agency software will be as effective in these two
organisations as it is currently in P+K Education."

About Bond International Software and Bond Adapt

London stock market-listed Bond International recruitment agency Software
plc is a global provider of recruitment system and human capital management
(HCM) software and services.

Bond is the largest, and most established, global specialist in staffing
agency software for recruitment agencies worldwide and is a rapidly growing
provider of web-based e-recruitment and talent acquisition recruitment agency
software to the corporate market. Bond also provides established HR and
payroll software and outsourcing services directly to both the public and
private sectors.

Established in 1973 and quoted on the AIM market of the London Stock
Exchange since 1997, the company has consistently achieved financial growth
and maximised investment in the development of technology and service
provided to its international client base.

Bond staffing agency software has over 35 years experience in the
development and creation of recruitment system products and services that
have become industry standards. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, the
Group also has offices in the United States, Australia, Canada, South Africa,
Japan and Hong Kong - with a global team of nearly 500 employees, 3500
customers and over 100,000 users.

Bond Adapt recruitment agency software is a specialist portfolio of
recruitment system software applications which has earned Bond the reputation
for enhancing business growth and profitability throughout the global
staffing industry. Although configuration of Adapt recruitment system
software is easy, Bond offers five pre-configured systems especially for
Recruitment, Vendor Managed Serviced (VMS), On-site, ASP and Healthcare.

Bond Adapt customers include some of the largest recruitment agencies in
the world and a large number of private sector organisations, including:
Adecco, Hays, Michael Page, Manpower and Kelly.

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