The Government Push Towards Outsourcing Helps CallCare Win Bid to Provide Call Handling for 23 North West Local Authorities

By Callcare, PRNE
Monday, November 22, 2010

CAMBRIDGE and MANCHESTER, England, November 23, 2010 - CallCare was chosen by a consortium of 23 local authorities, including
Liverpool, Manchester, Cheshire and Blackpool to provide telephone support
for the 'You Can Foster Campaign', launched 25/10/10 and supported by the
North West Improvement and Efficiency Partnership.

CallCare is the fastest growing outsourced telephone answering service in
the UK (Plimsoll 2010). With operations in both Cambridge and Manchester and
a further GBP1.4m investment in August this year, it has become an industry
leader in handling calls for both the private and public sector.

The 100 staff strong company delivers a 24 hour call answering service,
with clients ranging from professional services, requiring overflow call
support and outsourced switchboard services, to security and IT firms who
benefit from emergency call out lines and lone worker protection.

Already a service provider to local authorities, the company has
considerable experience in public service call handling. For example, it
currently supports Chorley Borough Council, answering a variety of phone
lines for them to support advertising campaigns, local facilities management
and public enquiries, in a cost effective and professional manner.

For the 'You Can Foster Campaign', CallCare provides an efficient,
professional solution to the expected increase in calls the councils could
face during the campaign.

"The 'You Can Foster Campaign' is expected to generate calls from
potential carers throughout the North West. An outsourced call centre was the
most efficient way to manage enquiries from a regional campaign and CallCare
were appointed because of their experience and ability to answer calls 24/7."
Emma Harris (Salford Council).

In light of the recent conservative coalition government's initiatives,
CallCare hopes to effectively demonstrate the benefits of telephone line
outsourcing to the UK public sector. Having worked for over 12 years to
perfect their service, the company is delighted with the acceptance of
outsourcing within local government, a realisation that outsourcing calls can
maintain quality and professionalism.

"This new contract and our experience in the sector puts us in a prime
position to assist at a time our services are needed and sought for, driving
cost efficiencies while offering a diverse but competent, high quality
service…" David Bate (CallCare MD).

For information on CallCare contact Christina Doughty on +44(0)845-056-8804 / christina.doughty at

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