Leadership Challenges for International Aid Organizations

By Center For Creative Leadership, PRNE
Sunday, November 21, 2010

BRUSSELS and LONDON, November 23, 2010 - Aid and development organizations are experts at logistics and
mobilization, but their impact is often limited by weak leadership capacity
and communication problems, according to a new survey.

Leadership and Talent Development in International Humanitarian and
Development Organizations, a report from the Center for Creative Leadership
(CCL) and People In Aid, is based on interviews with organizations around the
world. It gives a snapshot of leadership and talent management issues within
this important sector.

"The report is written in the words of the people who see the problems,
face up to the issues and try to make their organizations a little better
every day," says Rudi Plettinx, VP and Managing Director EMEA at the Center
for Creative Leadership: "It reveals that they are already rethinking who
they are and what they do in the face of global economic upheaval, wars and
natural disasters."

    Report findings include:
    -- Although technically sound, aid and development operations often
       struggle and fail because of "people issues." In other words,
       leadership is lacking, or concentrated in too few individuals with the
       wrong skills and training.
    -- The No. 1 failure of leadership at every level was lack of
       communication, including failure to have "courageous conversations"
       with poor performers.
    -- There was also an issue of too much communication facilitated by
       social networking media, making it difficult to convey accurate
       messages and prevent damaging rumours.
    -- Leadership recruitment and retention challenges were also top

"This moment in time is critical," warns Ben Emmens, People in Aid's
Director of HR Services. "There is a closing window of opportunity for
organizations to address leadership development in response to the uncertain
economic outlook and a challenging operating environment."

Report available:

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