BonitaSoft Launches New BPM Offerings to Meet Accelerating Enterprise Demand

By Bonitasoft, PRNE
Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, October 27, 2011 -

New offerings maximize productivity, accelerate business process-driven application delivery, and secure mission critical deployments

Following on the company’s announcement last week as becoming the fastest growing Business Process Management (BPM) vendor, BonitaSoft, the leader in open source BPM, today announced the availability of Bonita Open Solution 5.6 to keep pace with accelerating enterprise demand. The new version includes significant upgrades delivered in a new range of BPM offerings that will allow enterprise users to maximize productivity, accelerate business process model based application delivery, and secure mission critical deployments.

Bonita Open Solution is designed to meet the evolving demands of today’s BPM environment, which includes increased collaboration between business and IT users. To that end, BonitaSoft has introduced User Guidance and Profiles that tailor the graphical interface to the tasks required for that person’s specific role: business analyst, process engineer, or application developer.

Critically, the new version adds customizable business process templates that are geared to a corporate function, such as Human Resources and Corporate Finance, to accelerate critical business processes like On-Boarding and Purchase Order Management.

In addition to the company’s open source flagship product Bonita Open Solution, BonitaSoft now offers three separate Subscription Packs with annual professional support and additional collaboration, productivity and deployment features. Each Subscription Pack adds an increasing amount of functionality:

  • Teamwork: This Subscription Pack allows users to accelerate and secure their projects and is intended for entry-level commercial grade deployments including annual professional support, a multi-user repository to share developments, developer productivity features, and document management. Business users can generate documentation for their processes to better collaborate with colleagues as well as obtain Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports on the process data.  This Subscription Pack also allows for creating complex and dynamic web forms, user-friendly customization of the application’s look-and-feel, and easy interaction with external systems through built-in connectors to applications like or via Web Services.

  • Efficiency: For those projects with tight time constraints, this Subscription Pack speeds business process delivery for commercial grade deployments. Users can accelerate project delivery to the maximum extent with a wide range of corporate function business process templates (e.g., Human Resources, Corporate Finance, Quality, and Help Desk). Organizations can have their own team, BonitaSoft, or its partners tailor the process to precisely fit their business processes.

  • Performance: This Subscription Pack is for mission-critical deployments, adding powerful features to ensure deployments run at peak performance. Monitoring capabilities guarantee that users know the real-time, precise status of resources and business process behaviors. Error management facilities ensure the ability to pinpoint any issues so that corrective action may be taken.

“BonitaSoft is committed to delivering a cost-effective, easy-to-use BPM solution that meets the realities of today’s dynamic business landscape,” said Miguel Valdes Faura, BonitaSoft CEO. “We’ve collected extensive feedback from our community of contributors and have incorporated it into this release to include a range of offerings for the corresponding range of project types. This is part of our larger promise to democratize BPM by enabling users to better design, connect and run business processes and deliver that value throughout organizations, no matter the size and budgets.”

“BonitaSoft has created a thriving open source BPM community in addition to an end-to-end BPM suite,” said Bruce Silver of BPMS Watch. “Their open source offering has features comparable to leading proprietary suites, at a more attractive price.  Also, their continuing efforts to implement the BPMN2 standard are helping to bridge the gap between business and IT in BPM projects.”

“As a customer and partner of BonitaSoft, we are pleased to see the tremendous innovation in their product continue with this 5.6 release. BonitaSoft is delivering value to organizations of all sizes in ways that traditional, proprietary BPM vendors are simply not able to match. This has enabled us to deliver a powerful BPM-based solution for Stanford University, School of Engineering that would not have otherwise been possible under the time and budget constraints required,” says Randy Ozden, CEO of VivanTech, Inc. a global solutions provider based in San Diego, CA.

Interested users can try Bonita Open Solution for free by downloading it from BonitaSoft’s website.

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