ESG Remains the Winning Solution

By World Finance, PRNE
Wednesday, October 26, 2011

LONDON, October 27, 2011 -

As companies endure tough times, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles within some businesses have lost momentum. In reviewing the candidates for the ESG Awards 2011, World Finance views that this can be to a company’s detriment.

There are obvious benefits to adopting ESG principles. Focus on worker welfare, for example, can improve productivity, while assessing the ethics of investments can help reduce risk exposure. But ESG principles also provide a powerful incentive to do business. At a time when transactions are under close scrutiny, companies that can demonstrate transparency and ethical consideration in their operations will undoubtedly prove more appealing than a company that demonstrates a fair-weather adherence to such a policy.

As the principles of ESG grow in prevalence through initiatives such as the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment, the time of businesses turning a blind eye to the ethics behind their investments are drawing to a close. Some organisations are already well ahead.

The winners World Finance’s ESG Awards 2011 represent the companies who have augmented their business positions through their dedication to ESG practices. Their commitment to making principled investments that support people and the environment has significantly improved their standing among their competitors and allowed them to take advantage of opportunities gifted by their committed ESG position. World Finance congratulates them all.

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