Brands Look to Fulfilment Houses for Distribution of Goods to Consumers

By Go Fulfilment, PRNE
Wednesday, March 2, 2011

LONDON, March 3, 2011 - As e-commerce is becoming a viable platform for businesses, brands are
looking to fulfillment ( houses
for distribution of their goods to consumers, says Go Fulfilment. Brands are
discovering that utlising outsourced warehousing for fulfilment and
distribution can increase their profit margins and could increase sales.

E-fulfilment, ( by definition,
is what happens between the time the customer buys the product from a
webstore and the moment they receive the goods. From a customer perspective,
this process reflects how the brand performs. Buy using fulfilment
warehouses, brands can focus on their business activities, such as planning,
marketing, developing product and customer relations. Brands do not have to
rely on a shop front to sell their goods, but can focus on an e-commerce
profit center.

Using e-fulfilment can even the playing field for smaller brands and
businesses allowing them to compete with big-named brands.

Brian Taylor, CEO of UK fulfilment ( house Go
Fulfilment says, "Using outsourced warehousing and fulfilment, brands
effectively lower their operating costs. We are able to run a scalable
operation and can accommodate the needs of each company's growth strategies.
Brands can use our resources without investing into property, technology,
personnel and time required to set up a brick and mortar shop. Weekly and
monthly reports can be customised and updated in real time. This will in turn
increase profitability for brands and businesses as there will never be any
question for the status of inventory."

Outsourced warehouses have the ability to receive, pick and pack and ship
orders ranging from a small one off order to multiple orders around the
globe. Dealing with returns can be a headache for brands. With outsourced
fulfilment, returns can be managed efficiently and included back into
inventory stock for reprocessing and reselling, if the goods are in sellable

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