Fart Machine Help for Dyslexia

By Oxford Learning Solutions, PRNE
Wednesday, March 2, 2011

OXFORD, England, March 3, 2011 - An Oxford-based company claims to be helping people learn to read with
the aid of fart machines.

"Our approach is to diagnose the underlying cause of reading difficulty
and then deal with it. The most common pattern is lots of guessing,
particularly with short words," says David Morgan, company CEO. "If you have
seen that, we can help."

Oxford Learning Solutions deliver their Easyread System over the
Internet, telephone and postal system. Each child has an account on their
website and does a short, daily lesson online. The parent, tutor or teacher
gets training and support over the phone. And they send prizes through the

David and his team have designed Easyread to actually re-engineer the
neural pathways of the learner's reading process. "Most of the people who
struggle are just trying to read the wrong way. They are bright, visual
learners. Sight memorisation and guessing seem the easiest option to them.
All we do is guide them to a more effective reading strategy."

So, what about the fart machines?

Well, before achieving anything, the first challenge is to change the
person's attitude to the whole issue. It has often become extremely negative,
with very low levels of self-confidence, as most parents in this situation
will know!

"Yes, psychology is at least half the game," says David. "But we are very
disappointed if a child does not ask to do more Easyread after the trial
lesson. We aim to make it fun and laugh-out-loud entertaining. Then we add in
the prizes to carry them along. The fart machine is one of those. It gets a
great response!"

David's team have been working on Easyread for 11 years, while helping
thousands of people around the world. But they have chosen to keep below the
radar through that period.

"Over the years there have been far too many false promises. I guess
people have so wanted to believe that they had the answer, that they fooled
themselves. Now I too am convinced we have a great solution for at least 95%
of children! But we back that belief with an unconditional guarantee. Nobody
pays a penny for Easyread without getting a result," says David

To listen to David talking about the most common cause of reading
difficulty, watch his video on Dyslexia and the Auditory Deficit.
(www.easyreadsystem.com/info/auditorydeficit.html) Or you can visit
their website www.easyreadsystem.com

David Morgan, +44(0)845-458-2642

David Morgan, +44(0)845-458-2642

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