PPPs set to be Featured as a Driving Force for Kuwait Projects in 2011

By Iqpc Middle East, PRNE
Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DUBAI, UAE, March 3, 2011 - Before the dramatic turn of events in Egypt in the last few weeks which
resulted in a new era for the country - and the region - an important meeting
was held with 300 of the key decision makers in Egypt's financial and
infrastructure sectors.

The focus of the event was on public private partnerships (PPPs) with a
view to finance the country's many large scale energy, housing, urban and
utilities development projects. The then Minister of Finance was speaking and
the CEOs of Orascom and EFG Hermes - Egypt's own home-grown global finance
and project powerhouses - provided a look at the public and private sector
involvement in achieving a good pipeline and process for PPP investments in
the government.

This focus has now shifted to Kuwait. With the most significant pipeline
of PPP projects in the region - valued at US $25 billion for the announced
projects alone - and with all sectors focusing on the US $100 billion 5-year
plan, the opportunities are countless.

With great opportunities come great concerns, however, especially in
understanding better the regulations and legal environment in Kuwait for PPPs
and outlining the risks associated with new and potential PPPs announced.

In partnership with Kuwait's Partnerships Technical Bureau (PTB),
Ministry of Finance, the International Quality & Productivity Center - an
international research firm and the organizer of the Egypt meeting - is
repeating its key meeting in Kuwait to bring together the key stakeholders
from the government as well as local and international financial and risk
management firms with an expertise in PPPs to guide the country's growth and
National Plan.

The PPP Investment Summit Kuwait will take place for 8-11 May in Hilton
Resorts Kuwait City and key figures attending include Adel Al-Roumi,
President of the Partnerships Technical Bureau (PTB), Ministry of Finance,
Kuwait and Eng. Gahalib Shlash Safouq, Director, Mega Projects Follow-up
Administration, Ministry of Public Works Kuwait. A full line-up of attending
dignitaries and experts is available at www.pppkuwait.com

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