Brazilian Illusionist Issao Imamura to Make a Million Butterflies Take Flight at the Sao Paulo Sambadrome

By Issao Imamura, PRNE
Thursday, March 3, 2011

For Carnival in Rio, Issao Promises Special Effects for Beija-Flor's Opening Act

SAO PAULO and RIO DE JANEIRO, March 4, 2011 - Latin America's greatest master of illusion, Issao Imamura, will be one
of this year's biggest Carnival attractions. The artist is one of the
highlights of the Mocidade Alegre samba school and will perform three
never-before-seen illusions from atop the float entitled "Abracadabra." The
illusion generating the most viewer anticipation is the promised flight of a
million butterflies made of colored crĂȘpe paper within Sao Paulo's Sambadrome
in Anhembi.

For Rio de Janeiro's Beija-Flor samba school, Issao Imamura and the
famous choreographer Carlinhos de Jesus are in charge of the dance show and
special effects for the samba school's opening act, which will honor
singer/songwriter Roberto Carlos.

Playing its theme song "Carrousel of Illusions," Mocidade Alegre is
scheduled to parade down the Sambadrome in the late hours of Saturday, March
, with the last of its dancers finishing 20 minutes past midnight. The
school found inspiration in the world of children's fantasy, movie illusions
and the mysteries of humanity to create its floats, costumes and theme song.
Beija-Flor, with its theme song entitled "The Simplicity of a King," will
march down Rio de Janeiro's Marques de Sapucai Sambadrome late Monday, March
and finish parading at 2:25 Tuesday morning.

About Issao Imamura

Brazil's first illusionist, Issao Imamura, launched his career in 1987 at
the Congress for Latin American Magic Societies. The following year, he
gained recognition at the World Championships of Magic in Japan, where he
lost most of his props to a fire the evening prior to his show. Within 24
hours, he created a new show from scratch and went on to earn the distinctive
Special Prize.

In 1996, he joined forces with one of the seven best illusionists in the
world, becoming the first Brazilian to partake in this international ranking
at the International Magicians Festival.

Some of Issao's illusions, like his levitation of Carlinhos de Jesus
interpreting "Moses" at the Marques de Sapucai and the materialization of a
huge, 7-ton truck, are highlights of his illustrious 15-year career and the
impressive shows he creates under his own production company.

He recently performed during the Christmas tree inauguration at Lagoa
Rodrigo de Freitas, at the Top Soccer Players Awards and on a DVD recording
of Brazilian country singer Luan Santana, all in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

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