Burst Media Debuts Community-Focused Channels to Connect Advertisers with Gamers, Parents, Petrolheads and Fashionistas

By Burst Media, PRNE
Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BURLINGTON, Massachusetts, September 14, 2011 -

- New Channels Offer Enhanced Video and Social Media Solutions to Engage Audiences in Independent Communities Across the Web

Burst Media, (burstmedia.co.uk), a leading online media company and wholly owned subsidiary of blinkx PLC (LSE AIM: BLNX), today announced the launch of four community-focused channels to connect advertisers with gamers, moms, petrolheads and fashionistas on the Web. The channels - Giant Realm, MumIQ, Ignition, and Ella - are based around common interests and passions, and built on a technology platform that connects like-minded communities in a wider ecosystem through shared content and conversations.  They comprise thousands of top independent publishers and their audiences, and reach, in aggregate, 15.8 million unique Internet users in the UK*.

In conjunction with the launch of the new channels, Burst has unveiled a suite of video and social advertising solutions to enable brands to connect with audiences across the web’s most dynamic communities in a smart and engaging way, including Twitter parties, sponsored blog posts, and custom video widgets.  The combination of these intelligent, immersive advertising opportunities, with Burst’s reach of 37.4% of all UK Internet users and 767 million page views per month*, allows marketers to engage with communities all across the Web, and to add value by participating in the content, as opposed to sitting on its periphery.  This development represents a significant first step in the realignment of Burst’s publisher strategy following its acquisition by blinkx in April 2011.

“At Burst, we understand that independent publishers are the heartbeat of the web, and we’ve been working with these influencers for over 15 years. We’ve leveraged the strength of these relationships and our expertise in communities to build MumIQ, Ella, Ignition and Giant Realm,” said Burst COO Harry Klein. “The channels we’re introducing today, combined with our patented technology platform, enable us to create and roll out innovative ad campaigns at scale.  We know how to implement smart, interactive solutions which allow brands to join the conversation and add value to the audience experience across thousands of sites in an integrated way.”

“The Web is being rebuilt around people.  Increasingly, we’re aligning around communities online that feel authentic, around sources of information that we trust and connect with, and creatingour own sphere of influencers to help us organize information — influencers like the publishers we represent at Burst,” added Jessica McGranahan, SVP, publisher strategy & development at Burst. “Our deep understanding of these influencers and their communities means that we know which messages, in what formats, will result in successful campaigns for publishers, advertisers and audiences alike.”

Burst has been working with a number of agencies to ensure the channel offering is compelling to them and their clients. “Maxus have been working with Burst Media throughout the course of this year on behalf of Fiat.  Delivering a combination of highly efficient targeting, creative advertising solutions and some great content, Burst’s Ignition channel has proven to be an incredibly powerful and cost-effective way to connect the Fiat brand with automotive intenders. It’s a solid proposition,” commented Simon Tait, Planner/Buyer, Maxus Global.

Giant Realm, MumIQ, Ignition, and Ella  attract loyal visitors and cover topics ranging from pregnancy and parenthood to cars, fashion, entertainment, and gaming. MumIQ is geared towards 25-54 year-old women with children at home; Ignition delivers a base of automotive consumers ; fashionable young women 18-34 years old comprise the core Ella audience; and Giant Realm draws Millennial men who are passionate about gaming, entertainment and lifestyle content.  For more information on the Burst Media channels and advertising solutions, please visit www.burstmedia.co.uk.

*UK total audience (comScore, July 2011)

About Burst Media

Founded in 1995, Burst Media represents thousands of independent web publishers.  Through a select group of vertical channels, built around areas of specific interest, Burst connects advertisers with audiences across the web’s most dynamic communities in a social, engaging way.  A wholly owned subsidiary of blinkx PLC (LSE AIM: BLNX), Burst is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, with sales offices throughout the United States and in the UK. Visit burstmedia.co.uk/ or call  +44(0)207-886-0755 for more information.


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