CareFusion Hosts Symposium to Address Global Issues of Health Care-Associated Infections

By Carefusion, PRNE
Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ROLLE, Switzerland, June 29, 2011 -

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Hundreds of millions of patients affected worldwide, both in
developing and high income countries

As International experts gather in Geneva for the first
International Conference on Prevention and Infection Control(1),
CareFusion announces the organization of an adjunct symposium
gathering International experts to address standards to reduce
health care-associated infections (HCAIs).

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As highlighted in a recent WHO report on the burden of HCAIs
worldwide(2), hundreds of millions of patients are affected every
year globally, in particular in intensive care units. While
developing countries have a suspected high prevalence - data is
insufficiently reported in many countries to have a clear picture -
the report also draws attention to the little-known fact that high
income countries also have a very high incidence of patient

“What is surprising is the incidence of HCAIs in high income
countries, such as in Europe and North America, especially since we
know that 20 to 30 percent of these infections are preventable,”
said Mike Fairbourn, vice president of international marketing for
the infection prevention business at CareFusion. “Effective
implementation of evidence-based infection prevention and control
procedures such as hand-washing and patient pre-operative skin
preparation, have been shown to dramatically reduce avoidable
healthcare associated infection.”

The CareFusion symposium will address strategies and standards
to help reduce and prevent incidents of HCAIs. The event will be
led by leaders in the field:

  • Dr. Michael A. Borg, head of the Department of Infection
    Prevention and Control at Mater Dei Hospital in Malta;
  • Dr. Nizam Damani, clinical director of Infection Prevention and
    Control at the Southern Health & Social Services Trust;
  • Jennie Wilson, RN, author and member of the UK’s Faculty of
    Public Health.

Over 4 million patients - that is 1 in 10 - contract a HAI every
year in Europe and an estimated 37,000 patients die of infection
complications each year. The total direct health care costs reach 7
billion EUR
through extended hospital stay and treatment(3).

Switzerland is equally affected with an 8.8 percent prevalence
rate, above the European average of 7.1 percent, with 70,000 cases
of infection every year. Extra health care costs are estimated
between 230 and 300 million Swiss Francs annually through extended
hospital stay and further treatment.

In the U.S., 1.7 million patients are affected every year,
leading to nearly 100,000 deaths and costing US$ 4.5 billion to the
health care system(4).

Steve Klis, senior vice president at CareFusion International
said: “The main causes of incidence include surgical site and
catheter-related blood stream infections, as well as
ventilation-associated pneumonia. Through our knowledge and
comprehensive product portfolio, CareFusion is uniquely positioned
to be the catalyst in bringing experts together to address this
growing global issue.”

The CareFusionsymposium, entitled “Setting Standards for
Reducing the Global Burden of Health Care-Associated Infections”,
takes place on 29 June 2011 from 13.00 till 14.30 at The University
of Geneva Hospitals.

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(1) href="">

(2) Report on the Burden of Endemic Health Care-Associated
Infection Worldwide, World Health Organization, 2011 ( href="">

(3) Annual epidemiological report on communicable diseases in
Europe 2008. Report on the status of communicable diseases in the
EU and EEA/EFTA countries. Stockholm, European Centre for Disease
Prevention and Control, 2008

(4) Klevens RM et al. Estimating health care-associated
infections and deaths in U.S. hospitals, 2002. Public Health
Reports, 2007, 122:160-166


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