Christmas Money Saving Tips From Debt Management Specialists

By R R Financial Solutions, PRNE
Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BLACKBURN, England, December 2, 2010 - The festive season is fast-approaching and while kids are getting giddier
by the day, Christmas can often bring a sense of sheer consternation for
adults across the UK.

The pressure of playing Santa Claus often means that parents spend far
more than they can afford to, in order to keep their children happy and

A 2009 survey showed that 77% of parents were willing to incur debt to
fund their festive spending, during what is already an expensive time of
year. Research showed that the average family forks out almost GBP40 a day on
keeping boredom at bay from their children during the Christmas break.

Along with splashing out on toys and gadgets, parents are most likely to
keep children entertained by spending on additional activities such as going
to the cinema or going out for meals.

And so we thought now is the time for a bit of money saving advice, just
in time for Christmas! With six weeks to go, our message to you is… relax!
Although organisation might be your forte, research shows that buying
presents before December could cost you around DOUBLE than getting them
closer to Christmas.

This is down to the fierce price wars in which retailers slash their
prices in order to entice all of the Christmas shoppers. According to the
comparison website mySupermarket, prices for puddings and chocolates are far
higher now than they usually have been in the December of previous years.

Johnny Steel, a spokesman for the website, said: "It's good to be
super-organised ahead of Christmas but often it's worth holding back on
buying your treats until December.

"As early as September we've been teased with mince pies, Christmas
puddings and sweets in supermarkets tempting us to stock up in advance.

"But as the research shows, on average prices will drop in the coming

According to CreditAction statistics, average consumer borrowing via
credit cards, motor and retail finance deals, overdrafts and unsecured
personal loans has risen to GBP4,433 per average UK adult at the end of
September 2010. As great as Christmas is, do you really want to be putting
that burden on yourself?

Incredibly, it is estimated that almost a third (31%) of personal
insolvency ( procedures and debt
management ( programmes that occurred in
March 2010 were triggered by overspending during the festive season.

So our message to you is, as ever, spend within your means! And Merry

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