Configurable Plogg Electricity Meters for Accurate Load Analysis

By Energy Optimizers Limited, PRNE
Sunday, February 27, 2011

With a Range of User Configured Settings, the new Plogg Provides Accurate Measurement and Versatile Data Logging of Power Consumption in Commercial Appliances

GRIMSBY, England, February 28, 2011 - Energy Optimizers Limited (EOL) has extended the range of powerful
logging features in its plug-in, ZigBee ( wireless
electricity meters for load analysis in commercial buildings with 230VAC

The flexibility of wireless communications means that Plogg
( networks can be installed, configured
and scaled to suit any business or government structure, from single offices
to retail stores to large multi-site organizations. The plug-in format allows
for easy installation and connection to mains socket powered appliances. In
addition to local site access, the internet connection permits remote access
and data retrieval.

Plogg is designed for use in load analysis studies where accuracy and
resolution are paramount. The Plogg Manager PC ( interface allows the
user to define thirteen different logging parameters for time and electrical
performance and to set the logging interval from 1 minute to 1 month. Plogg
devices operate with single phase, split 2-phase and balanced 3-phase loads
and an external CT version of the Plogg is available for installations with
larger, hard-wired, loads of up to 100A.

Plogg instruments offer accuracy and configurability, with
self-calibration and interval logging set by the user in customised terminal
software as part of the Plogg Manager package. The new download event
scheduler is pre-set at 15 minutes and permits data from user assigned Ploggs
to be automatically downloaded to the PC.

A powerful Software Development Kit ( provides software
engineers with the capability to integrate the Plogg network and data
retrieval functions seamlessly into larger third party systems.

"We have worked closely with a number of customers throughout Europe who
have provided us with the design and operational feedback required to build a
comprehensive load analysis tool." said Shaun Merrick, General Manager, "The
measured data can help enormously in understanding the consumption tends of
the monitored equipment."

About Energy Optimizers Limited

Energy Optimizers Limited manufactures Smart Grid technologies for load
profiling, demand response, distributed generation and renewables markets.
Their Smart Grid technologies include wireless gateways, smart meter plugs
and load controls for domestic and commercial appliances. Energy Optimizers
Limited participates in a number of publicly funded European research and
development projects.

Shaun Merrick, Energy Optimizers Limited, Estate Road 1, Grimsby, DN31 2TB, UK, +44-1472-266731, shaun at

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