Debenhams Reveals Men's age of Invisibility Increased by at Least a Decade

By Debenhams, PRNE
Tuesday, September 14, 2010

LONDON, September 15, 2010 - Debenhams has revealed that the age at which men become 'invisible' to
women has advanced by at least a decade, according to new research* carried
out by the retailer. Men can now win a woman's attention based on looks alone
up until they are 55 years old.

Just 30 years ago, few women would have found any man over 45 years old
worth a second glance, rendering them effectively invisible at any gathering.

Ruth Attridge, Debenhams' spokeswoman said: "Older men are now remaining
more attractive to women for longer than ever before.

"They are increasingly seen as eligible, prospective partners rather than
old bores with little energy left to catch the female eye.

"It's great news for George Clooney and Brad Pitt, but might not make
that much difference to Bruce Forsyth."

A much greater emphasis on dressing well and keeping fit has dramatically
improved the impression an older man can create across a crowded room,
Debenhams' research shows.

Many men now spend a lot of time, either alone, with a partner or with a
professional personal shopper, selecting styles which suit their figure, as
well as paying attention to colour co-ordination to complement their
complexion, hair and eye colour.

Baldness is no longer seen as a stigma, and even a slight paunch isn't
enough to prevent him from gaining female attention.

The trend towards women marrying and having children in their late 30s
and early 40s has also decreased the age difference which would once have
made older men ineligible.

They often find the increased financial status of older men reassuring
because it can represent increased security for their children.

Ruth Attridge continued: "The simple fact is that older men no longer
dress, look or act like granddads.

"Instead they often look at least 10 years younger than they really are,
making them instantly appealing to women of a much younger age.

"Few older men now walk into a store and bulk-buy the first item they
see. They understand that continuing to look good after fifty means putting
much more effort into dressing well for every occasion. Younger men, by
comparison, still feel that they don't really have to try that hard.

"Looks are still everyone's initial method of judging the worth of a
potential partner, so this is a major forward for single older men."

Notes to Editors:

*Debenhams quizzed 1,000 women aged 18 years to 60 years and 1,000 men
aged 18 years to 60 years on their views on male fashion

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