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By Tesco Entertainment, PRNE
Wednesday, December 14, 2011

LONDON, December 15, 2011 -

Discover the secrets of the Earth’s polar regions with the eye-opening, mind-blowing and heart-warming documentary series Frozen Planet. You can pick up the whole series of Frozen Planet on DVD for £21.97 or on Blu-ray for £24.97 at Tesco Entertainment Online. Tesco Entertainment Online are also offering customers the chance to get their hands on the Blu-ray boxset of Frozen Planet and Planet Earth for £39.47.

Narrated by national treasure, Sir David Attenborough, and brought to life by the award-winning team behind the hit series Planet Earth and Blue Planet, Frozen Planet unveils the hidden mysteries of the colossal Arctic and Antarctic regions, delving deep into unknown territory to discover more about the land and the hardy animals that live off it.

Frozen Planet explores the heights and depths of the Polar Regions, taking viewers into the far reaches of the land and deep below the stunning ice caps to tell the story of the struggle for survival that polar animals face every day. Frozen Planet reveals the secrets of Arctic and Antarctic animals, capturing many of their behaviours and interactions on film for the first time. From polar bears and emperor penguins to killer whales and albatrosses, Frozen Planet takes a tender look into the lives of each of these enthralling animals.

Employing the latest in high-definition camera technology, Frozen Planet takes us into the heart of these vast and severe, yet painfully beautiful, landscapes. Frozen Planet on Blu-ray makes the best use of this precise camera-work and gives viewers at home the chance to get up close and personal with these striking environments and their inhabitants without leaving their living room.

Available from Tesco Entertainment Online now, this seven part series is a love letter to the Earth’s most remote and at-risk places: the final episode in the series is an enlightening look into how man’s actions are affecting the spectacular scenery and unique animals of the polar region and how we are running out of time to turn back the clock.

Frozen Planet is the greatest gift for nature fans, documentary buffs and animal lovers this festive season. Even if Santa doesn’t bring the UK a white Christmas, you’ll be able to settle down with your family and enjoy the majesty of the snowbound Arctic and Antarctic again and again with Frozen Planet on DVD.

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