etyres Backs the FairFuelUK Campaign

By Etyres, PRNE
Monday, March 14, 2011

CAMBRIDGE, England, March 15, 2011 - etyres, the UK's leading online tyre company, is backing the national
FairFuelUK campaign, led by prominent motoring expert Quentin Willson, as
petrol and diesel prices reached record heights in March 2011.

With the prices set to soar even higher in April following a second VAT
hike so far this year, the online tyre company has added its support to the

Tony Bowman, managing director of etyres, said: "We applaud Quentin
and the campaign efforts to urge the government to put the brakes on
the next increase in fuel duty and to commit to keeping prices down in the

"But in the meantime, motorists are still feeling the increasing
financial pain of filling up at the pumps because they are not getting as
many miles for their money.

"It's also important to remember that under-inflated tyres
( cause higher fuel consumption as the tyres have an
increased rolling resistance, which means that the engine has to work harder
and more fuel is used, making the car less economical."

The average price for petrol currently stands at a record GBP1.32 for a
litre, with diesel at GBP1.37. A rise in fuel duty due in April could see
prices rise by another 5p per litre.

The French government has told motorists to make sure their tyres were
properly inflated and to cut their speed after ruling out a reduction in fuel

However, the FairFuelUK campaign is continuing to gather political
momentum in the run up to the UK Budget on March 23 2011 with at least 135
MPs backing the cause.

Now as the deadline for the Governments announcement on fuel tax speeds
closer, motorists who want to support the campaign can go to FairFuelUK's
website and sign the online petition.

About etyres:

Launched in 1997, etyres is the UK's first online tyres retailer. It
operates a mobile fitting service, which means customers can have their tyres
fitted at a location of their choice - either at their home or place of work.

Its low overheads mean the price customers pay is always low - up to 40%
cheaper than the leading high street tyre depots on a wide range of tyres,
from premium to budget brands.

etyres sells a number of different tyres in the UK including Continental
tyres (, caravan tyres, motorhome
tyres, trailer tyres and 4×4 car tyres (×4-tyres-vehicles) as well as providing
tyres all over the UK including tyres in Colchester (

etyres is the registered Internet trade name of Fleet Mobile Tyres Ltd.

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