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Monday, April 25, 2011

150th Anniversary of the American Civil War Tops Cultural Must-see Sights in the DC Area

LONDON, April 26, 2011 - Enemy of the State, Transformers, Along Came a Spider and Team
America: World Police. Everyone has an image of Washington DC; whether it's
borrowed from the big screen, personal experience or from the news, at some
point, the capital of the free world has permeated into everyone's life. Now,
in 2011, there is no better time to visit the Capital Region. Formed of
Maryland, Virginia and DC, the Capital Region boasts an impressive amount of
cultural heritage sights and sounds. DialAFlight, who offer fantastic deals
on all flights to Washington (
www.dialaflight.com/flights/usa/districtofcolumbia/washington/), are
the only way to travel to the capital.

In an interview with Peter Stephens, MD of DialAFlight, on the
DialAFlight's YouTube Channel (www.youtube.com/user/DialAFlight), Lisa
, marketer of Capital Region USA for the UK market, champions the
Capital Region. Prosperous and hugely historic, the great state triumvirate
plays host to monumental buildings, hidden gems and glorious scenery. Flights
to Washington, which take a mere eight hours, are the beginning of an
enriching journey. Visit Virginia (just across the border) to experience 18th
century Williamsburg, the Blue Ridge Mountains and exquisite wineries. Enjoy
the natural wonders in Maryland, such as the glorious mountain peaks,
enchanting waterways and tasty Maryland crab. Washington DC offers its own
assemblage of international monuments. 2011 is particularly great for the
capital, with the unveiling of the Martin Luther King memorial (August), the
newly opened Spy Museum and a commemorative event for the 150th anniversary
of the American Civil War. About the capital, Lisa Cooper comments:

          "[Washington DC] is the perfect city break destination; it's
    got great shopping, really good night life and high quality hotels."

The best way to experience the Capital Region is to take DialAFlight's
popular Path of the Presidents tour, where customers can travel around the
three states experiencing historic sites and towns such as Charlottesville,
Virginia Beach and Baltimore which are rich in culture, diversity and
quintessential US customs. The best time to visit the Capital Region,
concludes Lisa Cooper, is Spring/Autumn. Visit the DialAFlight website to
book your flight to Washington DC today.

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