HaloSource Launches Range of HaloPure Powered Finished Devices

By Halosource, PRNE
Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SEATTLE, April 6, 2011 - HaloSource, Inc. ("HaloSource" or "the Company") (HAL.LN, HALO.LN), the
clean water and antimicrobial technology company, today launches its line of
finished devices for in home point-of-use water treatment, powered by
HaloPure(R) drinking water disinfection technology.

The development and manufacture of finished consumer devices comes on the
heels of HaloSource's growing reputation for providing custom and
standardized HaloPure cartridge solutions to partner companies in India,
China, Brazil and other markets. The company intends to supply OEM finished
devices to a variety of brand-name partners around the world.

HaloSource has two new product formats, a HaloPure powered pitcher
available in two performance models, and the HaloPure Waterbird(TM), a unique
gravity storage water purifier offered in three distinct performance levels
to suit a variety of water treatment needs by region and customer segment.
All products will carry the WQA Gold Seal and be certified to the Water
Quality Association's ORD0901 standard. The ultra high performance Waterbird
Elite will also meet the USEPA P231 standard for drinking water purifiers.

John Kaestle, Chief Executive of HaloSource, commented: "We have
developed our range of HaloPure powered finished devices in response to
strong demand from our existing customers around the globe. This is a natural
progression from our existing custom technology and component supply
business. We believe having a portfolio of off-the-shelf finished product
solutions will help partners reach the market more quickly as they look to
meet growing consumer demand for affordable and effective drinking water
purification devices."

The HaloPure(R) Waterbird, Waterbird Premium and Waterbird Elite are the
product of extensive research into the needs of households in a variety of
different markets including India, China and Brazil, where there is a clear
need for readily available, affordable, clean water. The Touch-Lock(TM)
technology in the purification cartridge makes it easy to replace at the end
of life with a single unlock-lock action. The patented HaloPure(R) powered,
four-stage disinfection cartridge includes a convenient end-of-life monitor
with auto shutoff to ensure the freshest, safest water is on tap. A treatment
capacity of 1500 liters between cartridge changes and third-party validation
by some of the world's toughest water certifiers ensure families are supplied
with high quality water even when it is drawn from semi-drinkable water

Notes to Editors

About HaloSource

HaloSource is a clean water technology company, headquartered
in Seattle, US with operations in India and China. It is focused on the
provision of cleaner, clearer and safer water using its proprietary
N-halamine bead technology to clean and purify water, killing bacteria and
viruses that may cause disease.

HaloPure provides safer drinking water. In 2009, it became the
first new drinking water technology in 30 years to be granted both
Manufacture-For-Use and Device registrations by the United States
Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), which is widely recognized as having
the world's most stringent performance requirements for water purification.
HaloPure(R) is a unique contact biocide technology that is proven to attack
and kill a wide range of harmful micro-organisms and is approved for
long-term use in a variety of markets, including the United States.

SeaKlear and StormKlear products use a second technology based
on natural bio-polymers to provide water clarification and antimicrobial
applications for treating recreational and environmental water; and
HaloShield facilitates the binding of chlorine-based bleach to textiles such
as sheets, lab coats and towels. www.halosource.com

About HaloSource's Markets

HaloPure products are principally targeted at consumers in
emerging market countries, where access to safe drinking water is
particularly poor. In an independent analysis of the global Point of Use
drinking water device market carried out in 2005, Frost and Sullivan
concluded that:

- the market for residential water treatment equipment in
China was estimated at $960 million in 2005, growing at an annual rate of
20.4 per cent between 2004 and 2011;

- the market for residential drinking water devices in India
was estimated at $425 million in 2009, and experiencing growth of
approximately 25 per cent annually; and

- in 2005 the global markets for filtration formats in the
form of under-the-sink, counter top and replacement cartridges were growing
annually at 20 per cent, 21 per cent and 18 per cent, respectively.

The World Health Organisation has estimated that 1.1 billion
people lack access to safe drinking water and the Centre for Disease Control
is recommending Point Of Use filtration and disinfection.

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