First VPN Client Suite for Windows 7 in the World

By Ncp Engineering Gmbh, PRNE
Monday, November 16, 2009

NUREMBERG, Germany, November 17 - NCP engineering GmbH in Nuremberg announces the release of the first
universal IPsec VPN Client Suite for Windows 7. This software not only
supports all 32 and 64 Bit Microsoft operating systems but also includes
comprehensive performance features for easy and economical Remote Access
such as: VPN Path Finder technology, optimisation for 64 bit systems and
support for the latest drivers as well as WLAN roaming. The compatibility
with VPN Gateways of all renowned manufacturers is also of utmost importance.

The NCP Secure Entry Client meets, in its latest version 9.2, the
constantly growing needs of VPN Clients for 64 Bit Windows systems and
complies with the main requirements of companies to only have to use one
universal IPsec VPN Client in heterogeneous IT landscapes. The consistent
operation and user interface reduces helpdesk costs and training costs. A
highlight of the new version is the "NCP VPN Path Finder Technology". This
performance feature allows users to also establish IPsec data connections
behind firewalls which have a port configuration that usually makes it
impossible to establish IPsec communication (e.g. in hotels or public
hotspots). Therefore, there are no longer any issues to comprehensively
implement an IPsec based security policy.

Further improvements in version 9.2 are: support for the newest Intel
Wi-Fi driver and mobile broadband, the 64 bit optimization, WLAN roaming and
"tip of the day". The 64 bit optimization increases data throughput by about
20%, WLAN roaming automatically chooses the strongest available access point
with the same SSID and the "tip of the day" shows the user examples of the
wide range of potential uses of the NCP VPN Client. Handling for user and
administrator is also improved. Examples for these improvements are e.g. the
optimized WLAN GUI and field intensity, profile exports and the revised
3G/UMTS configuration

The NCP Secure Entry Client offers, as the VPN Client Suite, coordinated
communication and safety related performance features for universal Remote
Access. The VPN Client offers, as a Client Suite, an intuitive, graphical
user interface; its own dialler, a dynamic personal firewall and the
integrated support of a large number of mobile connect cards. Teleworkers
hence really get a true "one-click-solution". Comfort functions include
budget manager, WISPr-support, automatic media type recognition, import of
profiles of "foreign" VPN gateways and OTP mobile support reduce support
costs and operating costs.

Companies can download a 30 day unlimited trial of the Client's version

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Headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany, NCP engineering helps IT network
managers secure data transmission in public networks and across the Internet.
Organisations that employ remote access, mobile computing, teleworking and
e-commerce throughout the world rely on NCP for key secure communications
technology including Remote Access, IP-Routing, VPN and Firewall solutions,
Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Network Access Control (NAC). The
firm is devoted to avoiding vendor-lock for customers through regular
compatibility testing and full integration with PKI-Infrastructures, as well
as support for two-factor authentication on end-devices. NCP serves customers
through a network of technology, reseller and VAR, and OEM partners,
including WatchGuard, T-Systems, Lancom and Astaro.

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