Getting Things Done With Business Execution

By I-nexus, PRNE
Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LONDON, March 31, 2011 - In a typical organisation, strategy is usually mapped out by a few people
at a senior level but delivered by 100s if not 1000s at all levels throughout
the organisation. Herein lies the fundamental challenge of ensuring that
everyone involved in delivering on the strategy receives the same
execution-based message. A recent Harvard Business Report study by Kaplan and
Norton concludes that less than 10% of organisations consistently deliver on
their financial goals, highlighting that execution is something most
definitely easier said than done.

Business Execution is an emerging discipline that is transforming the way
leading organisations such as Pfizer and Nestlé are driving execution today.
This discipline is the basis on which leading software provider i-nexus has
developed its Business Execution suite, an on-demand platform that aims to
close the 'execution gap' in organisations by aligning the efforts of
employees at all levels in pursuit of common goals. It transforms an
organisation's practice and performance by integrating core planning and
execution processes into a closed-loop cycle that creates strong links
between strategy and action. Business Execution is underpinned by three of
the most widely adopted best-practice management frameworks: Hoshin Planning,
Lean Six Sigma and Balanced Scorecard.

CEO and co-founder of i-nexus, Paul Docherty, has great understanding of
the challenges faced by senior executives and CEOs today from his work
coaching senior management teams in Global 500 companies. He explains: "What
we see time and time again are situations where the measurements are in place
for organisational tasks, but what's clearly missing is linkage. Without the
ability to link actions to outcomes it is almost impossible to check that the
actions being taken at any given time are still the ones that will 'turn the
dials' and deliver the business objectives at the end of the financial year.

"Business Execution allows organisations to improve on their ability to
execute, often speeding up the process of execution and consequently bringing
forward the delivery of strategy, whilst providing better agility to react to
any warning signs.

"Ultimately, organisations that implement robust Business Execution
systems dramatically raise the probability that they will achieve the goals
they communicate to external stakeholders."

i-nexus is driving forward the discipline of Business Execution providing
comprehensive resources on including a white paper,
16-page supplement and webinars.

For further details, contact Jenny Gibson on +44(0)121-428-4200 or

For further details, contact Jenny Gibson on +44(0)121-428-4200 or
jenny at

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