West Midlands' Families ill Prepared for Looming Economic Crisis say Lawyers

By Dbs Law, PRNE
Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BIRMINGHAM, England, March 31, 2011 - The majority of families in the West Midlands fear for the security of
their jobs, homes, and their relationships as Government spending cuts begin
to bite and an inevitable economic downturn takes hold says Birmingham based
law firm, DBS Law.

The view is based on public feedback received by the law firm whilst
preparing for an advertising campaign, launched today in the West Midlands
media. The feedback indicates that whilst fears for economic security are
rife amongst the citizens of our community there is very little awareness of
where help can be found.

Cuts to the funding of advice centres and support services like Relate
and falling union membership are adding to the problem, according analysts
working on the campaign. The research also identified a general fear amongst
the public of approaching solicitors for help too. "The majority of people
just don't know where to turn for help with employment problems and other
family and financial difficulties."

There is a definite perception that lawyers are not interested in the
concerns of ordinary people. "It is just another barrier stopping people
getting the justice they deserve, it's a barrier we aim to breakdown," said
Rob Bhol, Managing Director at DBS Law.

Personal Injury solicitors at DBS say that the rate of accidents in the
region is bound to go up too as a result of cuts to the local authority
budget and the termination of 11,000 workplace safety inspections the by the
Health and Safety Executive. However fear of dealing with a solicitor or even
being victimized by their employer, if the accident is at work, may put
victims off making a claim.

DBS Law will attempt to address these fears through the new ad campaign
that focuses on demystifying the role of solicitors with clear accessible
information on legal rights and options, as well as providing a more personal
service that includes a home visit by a lawyer for every client.

"Times are going to get whole lot tougher for people in the West Midlands
and increasingly they are going to need to turn to a solicitor for help. We
aim to help by providing clear guidance and advice on a wide range of issues
on line and in person.

"We want to banish the perception of the aloof unapproachable solicitor
forever. The team at DBS Law are real people and we say we are -Bringing Law
to Life-," said Rob Bhol, DBS Law Managing Director.

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