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By History South Australia, PRNE
Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ADELAIDE, Australia, March 4, 2011 - History is now being re-enacted on-line. In 1836 nine ships set sail from
England to establish a new colony on the southern shores of Australia. This
was to become the Province of South Australia. It was a unique departure from
the previous penal settlement model. For the first time all of the passengers
were free settlers looking to begin new lives in a far away land.

175 years later, History South Australia invites you to relive those
amazing journeys across thousands of miles of ocean, as the passengers and
crew make the journey of a lifetime. In the process you will gain a real
insight into the adventures and perils of long sea voyages in the age of

Bound for South Australia is a digital re-enactment of those nine voyages
made between February and December 1836. The story is told in the words of
those on board, from captains' logs, letters and diaries of passengers.
Brought together for the very first time, these sources combine to produce
real life accounts of these British pioneers - their hopes and fears, their
excitement at the adventure, and their moments of terror as they encountered
the awesome power of the ocean in their tiny vessels. In weekly episodes
subscribers and visitors will meet the people, and hear about their

History South Australia Chief Executive Margaret Anderson said 'It has
been tremendously exciting to bring these accounts together for the first
time and to get to know these early British pioneers. Reading these letters
and diaries is a bit like eavesdropping on peoples' lives in the past. By the
end of the voyages they are like our families. We like some more than others,
but in the end we really care about what happens to them'. Not all of them
made it to the other side of the world and when they did it was not quite
what they expected.

Passage onboard the fleet is open to everyone. The journey can be joined
at www.boundforsouthaustralia.net.au . Weekly entries will be posted
on the website, or subscribers can receive email updates and notifications of
new posts, or follow the action on a twitter feed.

The voyage can be joined now, and runs until 28 December 2011.

What Bound for South Australia website.

Where Head to the website: www.boundforsouthaustralia.net.au

When Sailing now until 28 December 2011

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