Holiday Hypermarket: Brits Don’t Care Where They Go on Holiday, as Long as it’s Cheap

By Holiday Hypermarket, PRNE
Wednesday, December 14, 2011

LONDON, December 15, 2011 -

-Holiday Hypermarket say the booking enquiry habits of holidaymakers reveal that destination is no object for adventurous Brits-

Holiday Hypermarket, a UK based holiday comparison community, say that British holidaymakers are not worried about where in the world they take their holidays as long as it’s exciting and affordable.

Holiday Hypermarket found that Brits are drawn to affordable packages and willing to experiment with new destinations. Over 15 per cent of total enquiries on the company’s website were for the cheapest holidays, far surpassing holidays to Tenerife, the Canary Islands and all other destinations.

The company say this owes to two factors: the willingness of British travellers to experiment with exciting new destinations, and the number of excellent online deals available to travellers in this day and age.

Calum MacDonald, Online Marketing Manager for Holiday Hypermarket, comments: “This data shows that Brits are very adventurous with their holidaying habits. Bookings for holidays to Cuba and other far-flung, but affordable, destinations have increased in recent years showing that Brits aren’t afraid to explore the world if the price is right. Thankfully there are plenty of superb deals on our site to traditional destinations in the Mediterranean, as well as ones a bit further afield such as Goa or the Maldives.

“Other than the fact that this is proof that holidaymakers are becoming braver, this shift also backs up something we have always known here at the Holiday Hypermarket: affordable holidays are enduringly popular with British travellers. As the financial squeeze continues to affect British consumers we expect this trend to continue.”

About Holiday Hypermarket:

Holiday Hypermarket ( is a UK based holiday comparison community. We are passionate about helping people in the UK explore, learn and enjoy the world by removing the obstacles that keep them from getting the most out of their holidays. We do this by providing a completely independent travel comparison site that allows you to effortlessly find the best deals with the assistance of a knowledgeable community of fellow travellers who love to share travel advice.

With the Holiday Hypermarket you have access to a huge number of travel suppliers which will help you put together flexible, restriction free, itineraries. This, combined with our excellent customer service and vibrant online community, makes the Holiday Hypermarket a great place to start exploring the world.

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