IBFX Australia Launches Gold and Silver Contracts

By Ibfx Australia Pty Ltd, PRNE
Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SYDNEY, June 23, 2011 -

Forex broker IBFX Australia, a member of the Interbank FX Group
of companies, announced today the launch of gold (XAU/USD) and
silver (XAG/USD) CFD contracts through its MetaTrader 4 trading
platform. IBFX recognised strong demand for gold and silver, and
starting today, traders can chart and trade these two metals
alongside their favourite currencies.

“The launch of gold and silver will be spot on in meeting the
requirements of our international clients,” said Alex Douglas,
Managing Director of IBFX Australia. “The addition of gold and
silver - coupled with our cutting-edge proprietary trading
technology - reflects our commitment to providing the very best
online trading experience to retail traders and institutional
partners in the market.”

The recent financial crisis, in conjunction with the advent of
online trading, has brought significant volume to the gold market.
But even at $1,500 per troy ounce, more and more traders are
interested in diversifying some of their portfolios into intrinsic

“It’s amazing to see the correlation that gold and silver have
with some currencies,” says Raghee Horner, chief currency analyst
for IBFX. “Many don’t realise that Australia is the world’s
third-largest producer of gold, and this production has significant
influence on the AUD/USD and NZD/USD. Being able to chart precious
metals next to currencies is paramount in my trading.”

This new gold and silver offering from IBFX Australia allows
traders to buy or sell up to 200 ounces of gold and 10,000 ounces
of silver per transaction. Traders can access these two new
contracts through their existing IBFX Australia account. Those new
to IBFX can open a free non-expiring demo account and trade
currencies and metals risk free at href="www.ibfx.com.au/Platform/Free-Forex-Demo-Account">www.ibfx.com.au/Platform/Free-Forex-Demo-Account.

About IBFX Australia Pty Ltd

Headquartered in the heart of Sydney, IBFX Australia is a proud
part of the Interbank FX group of companies which is owned by IBFX
Holdings LLC and includes: Interbank FX LLC, Interbank FX UK Ltd
and IBFX Australia Pty Ltd.

The Interbank FX group of companies has been successfully
expanding internationally providing href="www.ibfx.com.au/">online forex trading services
and offering individual traders, money managers and institutional
customer’s proprietary technology, tools and education to trade
spot foreign currency online. IBFX Australia distinguishes itself
among industry leaders with its unique multi bank liquidity feed,
proprietary tools and services, and remarkable focus on customer

IBFX Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 84 142 210 179) is the holder of
Australian Financial Services Licence number 363972.  A
Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), Financial Services Guide (FSG)
and Risk Disclaimer are available from our website href="www.ibfx.com.au/">www.ibfx.com.au.
 You should read and consider these documents before making
any decision to trade with IBFX.  Trading involves the risk of
loss and may not be suitable for all investors.

Adam Evans of IBFX, +1-801-930-6819, adam.evans at ibfx.com

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