PA Consulting Group Joins the CBI

By Pa Consulting Group, PRNE
Wednesday, June 22, 2011

LONDON, June 23, 2011 -


PA Consulting Group, the leading management and IT consulting
and technology firm, has joined the Confederation of British
Industry (CBI).

The CBI is the UK’s premier lobbying organisation which works
with the government, opposition parties, policy makers and
international legislators to help UK business compete

Alan Middleton, chief executive of PA Consulting Group, says: “I
am delighted that PA, with its strong track record of helping
clients create sustained value for their organisations, is now
partnered with the premier lobbying organisation for UK

“PA has some great thinking and experience particularly in the
areas of making organisations fit for the future, helping
organisations to take advantage of smart technologies, supporting
organisations to tackle the challenges of cyber security, enabling
companies to prosper through greening business policy and
technology, and positioning organisations for the future of
healthcare.  We look forward to working in a very focused way
in CBI member working groups, panels, and networking events to use
these insights to help UK business compete effectively.”

PA is focused on those areas where we can make a real difference
to clients. These are:

Supporting todays business leaders to make their
business fit for the future
- we help business leaders
to deliver the substantial improvement in performance that ensures
their organisations are fit for the future.

Seizing the opportunities of a smart world - the business
leaders of tomorrow need to maximise the opportunities of an
interconnected smart world. From smart consumer goods to smart
cities, we give organisations the ability to anticipate changing
trends and develop the innovative products and services to meet the
demands of a fast-changing world.

Tackling the challenges of cyber security - cyber
security has becomes a pressing issue. With the type, frequency and
severity of cyber attacks continuing to rise, organisations must
develop an effective strategy to protect consumers and citizens, as
well as manage their own reputational and financial risks.

Prospering from greening business - we provide expert
support to organisations around the world so that they can operate
more sustainably.

Developing the future of healthcare provision - we are
providing healthcare organisations with innovative ways to meet the
pressures of rising costs and increasing demand. Our innovation
specialists are developing the new products and ways of working
that will improve the healthcare of tomorrow.

Notes to the editor

About PA Consulting Group

PA Consulting Group is a leading management and IT consulting
and technology firm. Independent and employee-owned, we operate
globally in more than 30 countries and transform the performance of
major organisations in both the private and public sectors.

From initial idea generation and strategy development through to
detailed implementation, we deliver significant and tangible
results. We have outstanding technology development capability; a
unique breadth of skills from strategy to performance improvement,
from HR to IT; and strong expertise in communications, defence,
energy, financial services, government and public services,
healthcare, international development, manufacturing and water.

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