Intelsius Forms Strategic Partnership With American Thermal Instruments to Launch Industry’s First Fully Integrated Temperature-Controlled Packaging and Monitoring Solution

By Intelsius, PRNE
Sunday, July 17, 2011

YORK, England, July 18, 2011 -

Intelsius, a global manufacturer and distributor of
environmentally sustainable, temperature-controlled and
regulatory-compliant packaging solutions, announces a strategic
partnership with American Thermal Instruments (ATI), a leader in
temperature monitoring, inspections and asset tracking. Through
this partnership, Intelsius becomes the industry’s first packaging
manufacturer to integrate a complimentary temperature data logger
in every refrigerated and controlled room temperature packaging,
thereby setting the new standard for passive cold chain shipping

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As clinical research and pharmaceutical development continues to
expand globally, the temperature-controlled transport of highly
valuable research samples and life saving medications has become
ever more critical for all stakeholders, including packaging
manufacturers, drug developers, regulatory agencies and

“As a company serving the life sciences industry, we constantly
strive to deliver solutions that protect and benefit the life of
the patient. By including an FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
data logger in these shipments, we’ll help enforce assurance that
critical medication and patient samples being transported arrive in
optimal condition for either use or analysis. We believe that it is
only a matter of time before the FDA mandates the use of data
loggers as standard,” said David P. Walsh, founder and CEO of

Intelsius continues to be at the forefront of product
innovation, and this partnership highlights the company’s
commitment to collaborative partnerships that spur innovation and
move the industry forward.

“ATI is pleased to be partnering with a forward-thinking company
like Intelsius who shares our commitment to innovative product
development, quality and manufacturing,” said Matty Toomb, vice
president of sales and marketing at ATI. “By leveraging our LOG-IC
technology to provide the cold chain industry with such a
game-changing solution for integrated temperature control and
monitoring, Intelsius is truly a step ahead of the industry.”

By including a data logger in every refrigerated and controlled
room temperature system, Intelsius provides a comprehensive,
complete shipping solution for its growing global customer base.
The intuitive, compact data logger allows customers to read or
download data two ways, either by USB2 or by employing LOG-IC’s
wireless RFID technology.

Utilizing the RFID option removes the requirement to open the
systems, thus minimizing the risk of temperature excursions during
the handling of temperature-sensitive shipments.

“Never before have two companies in this industry taken the step
to work together in providing such a comprehensive solution. By
recognizing that the customer is moving valuable and life saving
products, Intelsius is empowering the end user now to choose a
single source solution that is harmonized,” added Walsh.

About Intelsius

Incorporated in 1998, Intelsius is a subsidiary of DGP Life
Science Ltd. Intelsius specializes in the design, manufacture and
supply of temperature-controlled packaging and regulatory-compliant
sample transport solutions. With a strong focus on developing
environmentally sustainable products and procedures, the company
offers eco-friendly ways to ensure the integrity of customers’
products and samples. Intelsius has a growing global presence, with
manufacturing facilities, distribution hubs and local offices
situated throughout the world, including North America, Europe and
Asia. For more information, visit href="">

About American Thermal Instruments

Established in 1981, American Thermal Instruments is a privately
held company based in Dayton, Ohio that specializes in
microencapsulation, liquid crystal thermometers, and temperature
indicating devices for the pharmaceutical, medical device and food
markets. American Thermal Instruments is well known for providing
custom solutions for the transportation of temperature sensitive
products along a supply chain through thermal and refrigerated
packaging methods, and the logistical planning to protect the
integrity of these shipments. For more information, visit href="">

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