International AutoSource Helps Expats Get a Car Even Without a US Credit History

By International Autosource, PRNE
Thursday, March 31, 2011

WOODBURY, New York, April 1, 2011 - Expatriates moving to the US often lack a US credit history and find it
difficult, if not impossible, to lease or finance a vehicle. AutoSource is
pleased to announce they can help expats lease or finance a vehicle even
without a US credit history. Through unique relationships with financial
partners, AutoSource can assist expats in obtaining credit to lease or
purchase a car in the US at low interest rates and no guarantor is required.

Several options are available to expats when they want to obtain a car in
the US, but only one source provides factory-direct savings and impeccable

Car Buying Services - Car Buying Services are designed to generate leads
for dealers by locating vehicles for customers within dealer networks. Their
pricing structure includes mark ups that build profit for the dealer and Car
Buying Service. Unfortunately for customers, the savings benefits are minimal
and these mark ups are often hidden or undisclosed. Most Car Buying Services
can't offer finance solutions to Expats without a credit history, however if
you find one that does, beware of the interest rate… it's likely to be
exceptionally high!

Car Dealerships - Most customers find it difficult to determine the best
price when using dealerships. Mark ups vary per dealer and the hassles of
negotiating prices are time consuming and frustrating. A dealership
salesperson will often try to persuade customers to choose vehicles based on
their own agenda because they are commission-based and incentivized to sell
depending on sales objectives. Unfortunately, customers receive biased
opinions as to which car is right for them. Also, it's virtually impossible
for Dealerships to offer credit options to Expats without a credit history.

Factory-Direct Program from AutoSource - Unlike Buying Services or
Dealers, AutoSource is an authorized distributor that allows expats to buy or
lease directly from the manufacturer. By eliminating the "middle man," there
are no negotiated prices and no hidden fees. When Expats buy or lease at
factory-direct prices, they get maximum savings and are guaranteed the lowest
price anywhere in the US.

AutoSource has been assisting expats without a US credit history with
leasing or financing for over 60 years. Through unique manufacturer
relationships, Expats have access to low rate finance and lease programs. For
more information, please visit or email

    Contact: Afia Arneja
    International AutoSource


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