IPC Introduces Unigy(TM) - A Game-Changing Unified Trading Communications and Applications Platform

By Ipc Systems, PRNE
Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Open, SOA-based architecture helps streamline trading workflow, create custom apps for a competitive edge, reduce operational risks and lower TCO for firms of all sizes

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey, March 3, 2011 - IPC Systems, Inc., a leading provider of trading communications solutions
to the world's top financial services firms, today announced the launch of
Unigy(TM), a revolutionary, single SOA-based unified trading communications
and applications platform. Unigy can help trading firms of every size
transform their trading workflow - making a firm's trading teams
significantly more productive and their operations much more profitable.

The key benefits of the Unigy platform are:

    - Collaboration - simplifying and accelerating collaboration between
      traders and their middle and back office trade support teams so deals
      get done faster
    - Open and extensible application development - enabling the development
      of proprietary apps, on demand, to streamline processes and gain a
      competitive advantage
    - Management - dramatically improving communications system management,
      monitoring, and maintenance with the new Unigy Management System for
      greater flexibility, scalability and uptime
    - Lower costs - reducing TCO in multiple ways, such as more affordable,
      inherent BCP options, lower energy consumption and smaller rack
      footprint, and more efficient use of IT resources.

"Unigy is an industry game-changer," said Lance Boxer, chief executive
officer, IPC Systems. "For the first time, companies of every size and
employees in nearly every role can benefit from what Unigy offers. It's a
soft switch, but with so much more. Unigy is so powerful and comprehensive
that all members of a trading firm will find multiple advantages they will no
longer want to work without."

Designed to transform the trading environment, the Unigy platform speeds
collaboration between traders and the entire trade support team across middle
and back offices. Recognizing that every trading firm is different, Unigy
also increases trader productivity with the ability for firms and partners to
develop their own applications, creating a new era of innovation in trading

Simultaneously with the Unigy platform introduction, IPC is offering a
new comprehensive suite of hard and soft devices for collaboration, a new
compact turret and out-of-the-box Unigy-enabled trader applications built on
the new Blue Wave Application Development platform.

"As the market leader, we made the strategic decision to build an open
system that makes it easier for customers to leverage their existing
technologies and adhere to their IT and security standards, as well as help
future-proof their investment," says Boxer. "Unigy's SOA-based, open
standards platform gives customers the greatest flexibility to integrate the
technology into their environment and develop applications that improve
trading workflow."

Dushyant Shahrawat, senior research director, Securities & Investments,
TowerGroup said: "Today's trading environment demands new trading
communication technologies that not only keep up with but can outpace the
dynamic changes that are occurring in trading. Integration with other people,
systems and applications using industry and open standards is critical to
allowing traders to work efficiently and maximize their productivity."

The Unigy platform's unique and revolutionary architecture means
customers have unlimited flexibility, scalability, and adaptability to:

    - Move fast and capitalize on emerging markets and opportunities.
    - Adjust or augment their system, as needed, to adhere to new
      regulations and rules.
    - Gain a highly available and predictably scalable solution to lower

And, Unigy's interoperability allows it to work with a customer's
Alliance system, existing IQ/MAX turrets, PBX phone systems and voice
recording equipment so they can leverage current investments and migrate at
whatever pace is best for their business.

"We wanted to create a truly revolutionary offering for the industry. And
we did," says Boxer. "We ensure that every IPC innovation is comprehensive,
reliable and merits the investment of our customers. After two years of
rigorous development and testing, we can certainly say that about Unigy."

For more information please visit: www.UnigyFromIPC.com.

About IPC

IPC is a leading provider of financial trading communications solutions
to the world's top financial services firms and global enterprises, including
all 20 of the world's 20 largest banks. With nearly 40 years of expertise and
innovation, IPC provides its customers with global systems and solutions, as
well as a suite of products and enhanced services that includes advanced
Voice-over-IP technology and integrated network and 24×7x365 management
services connecting more than 4,000 market participants in 200 cities and 77
countries. Based in Jersey City, N.J., IPC has more than 950 employees
throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. For more
information, visit www.UnigyFromIPC.com or www.ipc.com.

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