Punjab Government Chooses NComputing

By Ncomputing, PRNE
Tuesday, March 1, 2011

480 Schools in Punjab to Have Computer Labs

REDWOOD CITY, California, March 2, 2011 - NComputing, the world's fast growing desktop virtualization company and
provider of affordable desktop computing solutions, today announced that the
Government of Punjab has awarded it a contract to deliver desktop computing
labs to 480 schools. The contract forms part of a major computer education
initiative, estimated to be valued at Rs. 7.5 Crores (US$1.6m), which will
provide computer access to thousands of schoolchildren throughout the state.
This further strengthens NComputing's position as the de-facto desktop
computing procurement choice for education in India. The company's products
are already providing desktop computing access to millions of schoolchildren
through major state education projects in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and

The Government of Punjab sought to provide the maximum number of computer
seats in each school at an affordable purchase price, with low ongoing
maintenance costs. NComputing will deliver its X550 virtual desktop product
which, as well as fulfilling the need for a low cost of purchase, requires
75% less maintenance and 90% less energy consumption than traditional all-PC
labs. NComputing devices only use 1 watt of electricity - an important
advantage for the state of Punjab.

Said Stephen Dukker, CEO and Chairman, NComputing, "In a region of such
promise as Punjab, where almost 60% of the population is under 25, much of
its future lies in the next generation of educated and ICT aware students.
Our products and technology overcome challenges of infrastructure and limited
energy and power resources to become part of the solution and the future. We
are proud to be involved in the Government of Punjab's computer literacy

The NComputing solution is based on a simple fact: today's PCs are so
powerful that the vast majority of students only use a small fraction of the
computer's capacity. NComputing desktop virtualization solution taps this
unused capacity so that it can be simultaneously used by many students. Each
student connects their own monitor, keyboard and mouse to an NComputing
device which is then connected to the shared PC. Each student gets a full PC
experience. The NComputing devices are easy to deploy, rugged, and only use 1
watt of electricity. The low electricity usage is critical because
electricity in India can be expensive and often unreliable.

"India holds a strong position in the knowledge economy today because of
the country's investment in education over the years," said Jagjit S. Bhatia,
Executive Director, C-DAC DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing)-
Mohali. "Widespread and affordable access to computer skills is critical to
maintaining and expanding this strength. At C-DAC we have to be 100% in
alignment with the country's priorities, hence our commitment to enabling
affordable access to computing for education. Combined with NComputing, this
is an ideal solution to provide affordable computing access."

Each of the 480 schools will have a five seat computing lab comprising
four NComputing X550 virtual desktops, one desktop PC, one KVA UPS and one
printer. Once installed, the new computer labs will be used to teach computer
skills, as well as subjects such as reading and math. The systems will run
the CDAC "eduboss" operating system.

About NComputing Inc.

NComputing, Inc. is the fastest growing desktop virtualization company in
the world with over 20 million daily users in 140 countries. The company's
award-winning, patented technology lowers desktop computing costs, improves
manageability, and reduces both energy consumption and e-waste. It is the
perfect solution for leveraging the power and potential of PCs and cloud
computing. To learn more about NComputing, visit www.ncomputing.com

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