ISL Groop Web Conference With Improved Audio Performance

By Isl Online, PRNE
Sunday, April 17, 2011

SWINDON, England, April 18, 2011 - ISL Online Ltd has released a new version of its web conferencing
software, ISL Groop 2.2. With improved echo cancellation and support for
hot-plugging of USB audio devices, the latest version takes audio performance
to the next level and leaves audio and video user settings nearly redundant.
ISL Groop 2.2 is available for a free trial at

Advanced echo cancellation and hot-plugging of USB audio devices

ISL Groop 2.2 is now equipped with advanced echo cancellation, which is a
fundamental feature of professional web conferencing system, and a
precondition for a better user experience. It allows parties to talk to one
another in real time without interferences. In addition, ISL Groop 2.2 allows
users to add new USB audio devices during the meeting, or unplug the active
ones. The software will automatically select the best audio recording device
to achieve the optimal sound to keep the conversation free flowing.

Another benefit of ISL Groop 2.2 is continuous audio streaming without
cancelling the silence, which contributes to a more natural online
conversation. Participants attending an online meeting can hear each other
about as clear as that on a regular telephone.

Focus on content not on technology

By constantly improving essential features of its software, ISL Online
thrives to achieve simple and smart web conferencing service, where users can
focus on the essence of the meeting or webinar and not even notice the
technology that works for them in the background.

ISL Groop 2.2 video conference delivers full-featured visual, interactive
presentations over the Internet, which include PowerPoint slides as well as
screen and application sharing and control.

The software is available for free trial or demo at
The full release documentation is published on the

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