Nissan LEAF(TM) NISMO RC (Racing Competition) Takes Zero Emission Strategy to a New Dimension - the Race Track

By Nissan Europe, PRNE
Sunday, April 17, 2011

Purpose-Built Prototype Wraps Production Nissan LEAF Components and Technology in a Dramatic Ready-To-Go-Racing Carbon Fiber Body

FRANKLIN, Tennessee, April 18, 2011 - The name on the back panel, just under the massive adjustable
rear wing, says Nissan LEAF(TM). The powertrain is an 100% zero emission
advanced Lithium-ion battery design, just like that found on the world's
first affordable mass market electric vehicle. And despite its lack of rear
doors, rear seat, trunk, audio system, navigation, carpeting and other
amenities, there is a discernable family resemblance. But that is where the
similarities between the production Nissan LEAF and the Nissan LEAF NISMO RC
end. As indicted by the "RC" - for Racing Competition - this new electric
vehicle, which makes its world debut at the 2011 New York International Auto
Show on April 20th, is purpose-built to bring new meaning to the term "Racing

Already a world leader in zero emission production vehicles with
the late 2010 launch of the Nissan LEAF passenger vehicle in the United
, Europe and Japan, Nissan is now looking at the racing world as a way
to draw attention to the seemingly untapped potential of electric vehicles.

"Combining the talents of NISMO, Nissan's world renowned
motorsports group, and engineers behind some of the company's Super GT and
FIA GT1 race teams, the Nissan LEAF NISMO RC will serve as a rolling
laboratory for the accelerated development of EV and aerodynamic systems, as
well as a platform for the development of new green motorsports series," said
Carlos Tavares, chairman, Nissan Americas, speaking at the New York
International Auto Show.

The new electric race vehicle will likely make a series of
special demonstration appearances at various motorsports venues in 2011, with
the company exploring pioneer zero emission competition spec series in future

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