Just Cages: Get Your Pet’s Cage Ready for the Winter Chill

By Just Cages, PRNE
Thursday, October 27, 2011

LONDON, October 28, 2011 -

- As the cold weather sets in it is important to think of our pets, say Just Cages -

Animals feel the cold just like we do and as the winter months draw closer pet owners need to prepare their animals for the cold weather, say Just Cages an online store dedicated to pet cages.

Many people are aware that pets kept outside are susceptible to lower temperatures, but it is also important to take indoor pets into account as colder weather sets in. Many species of tropical birds, including parrots, are used to warmer climes and can quickly become ill if they are not protected from winter chills. Birds, such as canaries and parrots, are also affected by fluctuations in temperature, so rooms where bird cages are kept should be free from drafts.

Rats, mice and hamsters can also feel the cold, and by providing them with the right materials they will happily create their own little den which will keep them cosy. By adding extra materials to your rat or hamster cages you can make sure that your pet is happy throughout the winter.

Thomas Chruszcz, Executive Manager at Just Cages, comments: “It is important for us to make our pets as comfortable as possible throughout the winter months. Whether you have a dog, a cat or a parrot there are ways to make sure that your pet is well looked after through the coldest months.

“Outdoor pets should also be monitored and you might consider moving them indoors over the next few months. Keeping an eye on your animals throughout this period is vital.”

Pet owners looking for more information on pet care during the winter months should look at the RSPCA’s winter care guidelines.

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