Keep Cool in the Bedroom This Summer With Carpetright

By Carpetright, PRNE
Thursday, June 9, 2011

PURFLEET, England, June 10, 2011 -

Summer is nearly upon us and if spring's heat wave was anything to go by
then we are in for a sun soaked season. Summertime brings holiday plans,
barbecues with friends and plenty of fun in the sun. Unfortunately it also
brings plenty of tossing, turning and duvet kicking as hot summer nights make
sleeping comfortably increasingly difficult. There is no need to put up with
a summer of tossing and turning though as there is a practical solution to
getting a good night's sleep this summer.

Carpetright understand there is nothing worse than having your sleep
ruined because you're too warm and have set out to provide the perfect
night's sleep via their wide selection of beds (, bed frames, mattresses
( and bed accessories

Sleep experts have suggested that one of the best ways to ensure a good
night's sleep this summer is to go natural when it comes to selecting a
mattress or mattress cover. Natural fabrics can aid temperature controlled
sleep throughout the summer nights as well as provide optimum comfort when
going to sleep at the end of the day.

Alternatively, fans of temperature control technology can opt for
temperature regulating fabric such as Carpetright's range of Coolmax
mattresses ( and bed
accessories. Engineered to combat warm summer nights and tested in sports
clothing, Coolmax fabric is designed to reduce the chance of sweating,
maintain an optimum body temperature and reduce restless sleep. Ask any
member of Carpetright staff in-store about Coolmax or learn more about the
technology behind Coolmax at .

Choosing the correct bed can also help. Divan beds ( can be an attractive option for
sleepers looking for additional comfort over the summer months but opting for
a bed frame may aid better air circulation below your mattress. Choosing the
right bed, bed frame ( or
mattress goes beyond one summer. Selecting the correct product for you and
how you sleep will ensure restful sleep throughout the seasons.

When keeping cool goes beyond simply buying a new mattress or set of bed
clothes, sleep experts recommend looking to practical bedroom solutions
including keeping your blinds closed during the day or allowing a small
stream of air to filter through the room.

Ensuring you sleep well this summer is essential if you're going to get
the most out of the summer sun and Carpetright have a wide range of beds
(, bed frames, mattresses and bed
accessories available in-store and online to help you get the most of the
summer this year.

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