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By Inc., PRNE
Sunday, November 6, 2011

LONDON, November 7, 2011 -

Cost Effective, Comfortable and fun, HomeExchange is the Rising Accommodation Alternative to Experience the London Olympics Like a Local

From July 27th to September 9th, London will be the center of the world while hosting the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 8 million fans are expected in the mythic stadiums to support 10,000 athletes from 204 nations. But for those coming from outside London, the budget including travel, tickets and accommodation can be a problem, especially for families.

In the meantime, some Londoners will take advantage of the Olympics to take a break from the city, leaving empty houses and apartments behind them. introduces supporters and Londoners and enables them to become happy exchange partners: Londoners can plan dream holidays at no cost, while visitors from outside London can find real homes in the city at a time when demand for accommodation is at its highest ever. A benefit for each party, as Member Gretta, points out:

“It’s a great time to home exchange and the benefits are fantastic. My home near Didcot station in Oxfordshire is only 45 minutes to London Paddington and the centre of London. Being near the city where the Olympics are being held; what an opportunity. Our exchange partners will be able to attend the Games where history is being made.  Being able to exchange with a UK home will enable exchangers to have first class accommodation for nothing at a time when hotel rooms in London will be extortionate.”

In the past few years has become a mainstream travel option, now recommended by major insurance companies. The success of the site at the occasion of the coming London Games proves that discerning travellers have discovered value that goes well beyond unlimited holidays for less than the cost of a single night in a hotel.        

Founded in 1992, is recognised as the largest and most respected home exchange agency in the world with more than 40,000 members in 142 countries. 60,000 exchanges were achieved in 2010, while 200 new listings join every 7 days. Among members, 98% declared they were satisfied with their exchange partners. Families are the most represented social group.

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