ASICS Invites Gymnasts to Create the Ultimate Natural Shoe

By Asics, PRNE
Tuesday, December 13, 2011

HOOFDDORP, The Netherlands, December 14, 2011 -

33 members of the award winning GB Acrobatic Squad and Britain’s Got Talent winners, Spelbound, spent the day in a London studio bent in eye watering positions to achieve an incredible human statue of an ASICS running shoe. The gymnasts contorted and supported each other to create this image captured by photographer Melvin Vincent to launch the latest collection of running shoes from performance sportswear brand ASICS.

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The human shoe is a replica of ASICS’ new GEL-EXCEL33, which is now on sale  at specialist running stores across Europe. The GEL-EXCEL 33 is the flagship model of the new ASICS 33 collection which is designed to allow all 33 joints in the foot to move freely giving the wearer a natural running experience.

The flexible gymnasts were directed by two choreographers to help the gymnasts mould themselves into the different shapes required to create the human shoe. To showcase one of the key properties of the shoe, called the ‘Propulsion Trusstic’ - which helps the foot transform from a flexible structure for shock absorption, into a powerful lever for forward propulsion - the gymnasts had to incorporate real athletic strength and skill by shifting their bodies into back breaking positions and strenuously lifting their team mates forward.

“This is a first for us” said Neil Griffith, choreographer and World Champion gymnastics coach, “we have worked for some interesting clients over the years but we’ve never been asked to create the shape of a running shoe before. Having 33 gymnasts involved and showing the human shoe move forward created some challenges but we are delighted with the result.”

Filmed in HD, a behind-the-scenes film is available to view at and shows the gymnasts back-flipping, somersaulting and throwing younger members of the team forward to show the explosive power the shoe offers the wearer.

Michael Price, Marketing Director of ASICS Europe B.V. comments: “The ASICS 33 collection is all about natural movement, flexibility and propulsion and so what better way to illustrate this than creating a human version of the shoe with some of the best gymnasts in the world.”

Three photographs have been created to show the progression that the foot makes whilst the wearer is running and an accompanying film shows the gymnasts bursting forward at the end as the foot springs forward- highlighting the unique properties of the ASICS Propulsion Trusstic.

High-resolution images can be downloaded from:

Information about the ASICS 33 collection is available at:

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