Make Technologies(R) Enterprise Suite Introduced to IT Modernization Marketplace

By Make Technologies Inc., PRNE
Monday, February 28, 2011

Innovative Solution to Reduce Custom Code in Enterprise Legacy Portfolios While Keeping Businesses Agile

VANCOUVER, March 1, 2011 - Make Technologies(R) Inc. is proud to introduce the Make Technologies(R)
Enterprise Suite, an end-to-end solution for application portfolio
modernization. Customers can expect to dramatically reduce the amount of
custom code in their legacy portfolio without changing workflows or the way
they run their business.

The Make Technologies(R) Enterprise Suite is built on top of
Transformational Legacy Modernization (TLM(R)), the company's proven
modernization platform. TLM(R) is fit-for-purpose software guided by a mature
methodology and supported by the best practices of our modernization experts.

The Make Technologies(R) Enterprise Suite allows customers to build a
pragmatic application roadmap that is closely aligned with the strategic
initiatives of its business, based on strong data points such as code
dependencies and application usage patterns. The result is a marked reduction
in code maintenance, giving CXOs the freedom to pay more attention to
essential business matters while gaining a competitive edge in their

"The challenge with all organizations is their ability to do more with
less and in a resource-constrained environment companies are finding it
challenging to support and maintain legacy applications and simultaneously
innovate. As noted in Forrester's Enterprise and SMB Software Survey, North
and Europe, Q42008 showed that a fairly stunning change has taken
place in IT leaders' plans and priorities. Application modernization
supplanted the hot topics of prior years: eBusiness, Agile, Lean, cloud, etc.
In fact the three most important software initiatives for IT decision-makers
all focused on application modernization: 1) update/ modernization legacy
applications; 2) upgrade enterprise applications; and 3) consolidate or
rationalize enterprise applications. The data highlights a sharp turn in IT
leader's thinking; They have come to realize that streamlining bloated
application portfolios is no longer an optional activity. Rather,
modernization is the best new opportunity to cut waste on low-value
applications and thus free the corresponding resources for new projects and
innovation." April 26, 2010 Forrester Report.(1)

Make Technologies(R) Enterprise Suite allows businesses to:

    - Lower the cost of application maintenance by lowering the amount of
    custom code and creating an easy to maintain application.

    - Maximize the speed and quality of implementation with state-of-the-art,
    integrated tools supporting collaboration, analysis, code generation and
    data migration.

    - Control the output quality continuously throughout the engagement.

    - Verify the functional completeness of the modernized applications.

"As legacy systems continue to age and the speed of business continues to
increase, the need to modernize enterprise-level IT is at a record high,"
said Bill Bergen, CEO of Make Technologies Inc. "Many companies are investing
millions of dollars into a modernization project and cannot afford setbacks
or failure. Organizations are looking to understand what they own - to
quantify the business value and maintenance of their applications so as to
devise a rational plan for streamlined modernization efforts. Make
Technologies(R) Enterprise Suite ensures complete project success through its
combined software, methodology, and best practices."

About Make Technologies Inc.

Make Technologies is a leading global provider of legacy modernization
software and services. Founded in 1999, Vancouver, B.C. Make Technologies has
helped customers in a broad range of industries including finance,
healthcare, insurance, natural resources, distribution, communications, and
government. Make Technologies is a trusted brand in enterprise legacy
modernization initiatives with partners like Oracle(R) and IBM(R). For more
information please visit us at

(1) A Workable Application Modernization Framework is Job No. 1 Now
Forrester Research, Inc. independent Report April 26, 2010

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