Marketing via Hotel Phone Systems - AdPhones

By Abbey Telecom, PRNE
Wednesday, December 14, 2011

BLACKBURN, England, December 15, 2011 -

Do you want your hotel talked about and marketed to a fresh generation of customers?

A forward-thinking hotel phone systems installer is trialling a must-have gadget which will revolutionise the techniques hotels use to sell their in house services.

While some hotelkeepers might be satisfied with placing the latest coffee machines and plasma screen TVs in rooms, hotel phone systems with AdPhones will display what add-ons can be had at the touch of a button.

Instead of switching on the television and having a presenter explain to guests what they can have, these XML compliant hotel phone systems will generate imagery on to handsets permanently and allow residents to choose what deal they desire. Ideal for value add extras and the subsequent revenue boost.

They can then go away and tell friends and colleagues about how the phone systems in their room gave them access to a new world of products. Being discussed is free promotion and the aim of most hospitality operators.

The AdPhone product is being developed by Blackburn-based Telephone Systems Direct whose managing director, Tony Raynor, says this will benefit both the hotelier and the customer.

He added: “By projecting images onto phone systems consoles you will be giving people a choice of what they can have in way of special deals you are selling.

“Each phone works with front-of-house software and can be monitored and changed to suit whatever the receptionist needs to promote. To view, search YouTube for “Hotel Phone Systems with AdPhones” or visit .

“We believe this simple and effective method of advertising will get rid of the headaches often experienced in boosting spend per head.”

Contact: Tony Raynor, 0800-652-8052

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