Melexis Reinvents the Programmable Linear Hall Sensor and Goes Surface-Mount

By Melexis Nv, PRNE
Thursday, June 9, 2011

IEPER, Belgium, June 10, 2011 -

Melexis, the pioneer in programmable linear Hall sensors
launches its third product generation. This new family breaks with the
conventional "single-in-line-package" (SIP) approach since they require more
careful design consideration to avoid mounting, space, EMI, reliability and
cost penalties at the system level. The new Melexis programmable linear Hall
ICs are surface-mount devices (SMD) supporting the trend for improved
manufacturability of sensor assemblies and modules.

The SMD approach gets applied for a single-die device family.
It can be implemented for numerous position sensing applications.
Specifically for short stroke linear motion, when combined with an
appropriate magnetic circuit and adequate magnet thermal compensation.

Vincent Hiligsmann, Product Line Manager: "Our market surveys
and initial feedback are clear: there are many industrial and automotive
applications which were waiting for a state-of-the-art, high-accuracy and
cost-effective programmable linear Hall sensor in surface-mount package but
without any allowable premium for a Melexis Triaxis solution. The third
generation of Melexis programmable linear Hall sensor ICs addresses those
needs and brings the answer."

Addressing the trend Melexis today launches a series of three
programmable linear Hall sensors. The MLX90288 featuring ratiometric analog
output and the MLX90291 featuring 125 Hz PWM output, both parts in an SOIC-8
SMD package with identical pinout. Finally the MLX90292 is released to the
market targeting high reliability applications, available in a dual die
redundant TSSOP-16 package. This third sensor, the MLX90292, reports a
digital telegram using the fast and safe 2-wire PSI-5 protocol, which
includes a temperature output next to the magnetic flux density. It features
also 2 kHz PWM mode.

All three devices are readily available in sample and
production quantities together with the appropriate PTC-04 programming tools.

In the coming months, the family will be extended by three
more programmable products: the MLX91207 featuring analog output with best in
class bandwidth for current sensing applications in an optimized SOIC-8
package, the MLX90290 in a TSOT-3L package (analog output) and the MLX90293
with the emerging SENT output protocol.

The extended product family of Melexis, including both the Triaxis
Position Sensor family and the newly released SMD Linear Hall Sensors, will
enable the company to support a broad range of applications in automotive
markets and beyond.

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