Strong Increase in U.S. Containerized Import and Export Trade

By Piers Global Intelligence Solutions, PRNE
Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Latest PIERS intelligence reveals significant growth in Vietnam

NEWARK, New Jersey, June 10, 2010 - PIERS Global Intelligence Solutions trade data indicates the economic
rebound is gaining strength. China imports continue to rule trade but
Vietnam's apparel industry is becoming a key component in U.S. trade growth.

Signals of economic improvement are being seen in the surge of U.S.
containerized imports and exports from the previous year, which ended March
. Demand for U.S. industrial materials and increased competitiveness of
the U.S. dollar led to a 10.4 percent rise in exports, or 1.07M TEUs, during
the same period ending March 2010. U.S. containerized exports swelled to 15.3
percent for the first quarter of 2010.

China continues to dominate as the lead source country of U.S. imports
with an 8.4 percent increase from last year, equaling 1.3 million TEUs. While
overall imports lag March 2007 levels by 13.7 percent, this quarter marks a
return to positive import growth.

Interestingly, PIERS Global Intelligence statistics reveal Vietnam
swiftly growing in U.S. imports of women's apparel and infant wear. Over a
five-year period from 2005 to 2009, Vietnam emerged as the leading country in
these two categories. Imports nearly doubled and resulted in a Compound
Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.4 percent. This strong performance has
allowed Vietnam to match Hong Kong's market share at 11 percent.

"Rapidly rising wages in China are forcing manufacturers to reconsider
production facilities. Vietnam is becoming the clear alternative for low-cost
producers," said Mario Moreno, Economist at PIERS.

To view graph, "Top Source Countries of Women's and Infant Wear," click

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Footwear was another top U.S. import commodity that saw positive growth
from Vietnam. During the same five year period (2005 to 2009), Vietnam
increased its market share from 4 to 7 percent and experienced a strong
positive CAGR of 10 percent. Nevertheless, China holds a superior 77 percent
market share, far surpassing its closest competitors, Hong Kong, Vietnam,
Indonesia and Brazil.

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