ISL Light Remote Support & Access for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

By Isl Online, PRNE
Thursday, June 9, 2011

SWINDON, England, June 10, 2011 -

ISL Light iOS application has been released today, and is available free
of charge on the App Store ( It allows iPhone, iPad and
iPod Touch users to remotely control any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer and
access remote PCs.

One touch on the iPhone or iPad enables the user to view and control a
remote computer or access unattended remote computers even behind a firewall
or a NAT proxy.

    Key features of ISL Light iOS (Remote Support & Access):

    - Connect to any computer even behind a firewall
    - Connections are secured by symmetrical AES-256 encryption
    - View remote screen
    - ISSC Turbo Desktop Sharing
    - Switch between multiple monitors
    - Automatic screen resolution correction
    - Remotely control the keyboard and mouse
    - Reboot a remote computer and resume the session
    - Use special keys such as Ctrl, Alt, Windows(R) and function keys
    - Send Ctrl+Alt+Del to remote computer
    - Switch between left and right mouse click

Watch a short video ( to see how remote desktop
access and support from your Apple mobile device works.

Available for free on the App Store

ISL Light is available for download free of charge on the App Store
( . To start a new remote support session from an Apple
mobile device, a valid ISL Online account(1) is obligatory. For more
information on the latest ISL Online release please visit and register for a free trial

(1) Users with an active free trial, users with active Hosted Service
Licence or for Server License users a valid Extended Support Service.

About ISL Online

ISL Online ( provides SaaS-based remote access,
support, live chat and online meetings solutions to quickly, simply and
securely connect millions of internet-enabled devices across the globe
-Windows, Mac or Linux computers and smartphones. Designed for consumers,
mobile professionals and IT organizations, ISL Online's solutions empower
over 100.000 active users to create more than 5 million sessions yearly. ISL
Light is a flagship product that has been delivering simple, reliable and
highly secure professional remote desktop support since 2003.

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