Military Airlift: Enabling Efficient, Effective and Affordable Airlift Capability

By Defence Iq, PRNE
Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LONDON, June 16, 2011 -

The delivery of programme updates on the major strategic and
tactical airlift platform development projects which are currently
underway including (amongst others) the A400m, KC-390 and C-27J
Spartan will be one of the key topics that will be discussed at the
8th Annual Military Airlift event in September.

This year’s conference will offer a special focus on the United
. Air Commodore John Ager, Air Officer Air Mobility, 2
Group, (Royal Air Force) will discuss the current operations and
future development of RAF airlift capabilities. In addition Wing
Commander David Manning, OC 99th Squadron will offer an
operational insight into the work of the RAF’s C-17 airlift

In addition, the speaker panel will also brief on investigating
the effort to deliver effective multinational interoperable
military airlift entities - with MCCE, the European Defence Agency,
NAMA, Heavy Airlift Wing and European Air Transport Command all
delivering briefings on the significant change and progress that
has occurred in the last six months

Furthermore, high level briefings from major national and
multinational airlift organisations will provide key information on
major developments which have occurred in the last year. Of
particular interest will be the briefing of Brigadier General Alain
, Chief of Staff/Deputy Commander, European Air Transport
Command, who will look at the foundation for multinational airlift
operations in Europe.

For the first time, this year’s event will also focus on Tanker
air refueling and the increased role of Multi-Role Tanker Transport
(MRTT) platforms. Colonel Joseph Demarco, Commander of the
100th Refueling Wing (US Air Force) will present on
America’s European Refueling Force, the vital link in establishing
global US air power and looking forward to the introduction of the
Boeing 767.

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