Mining Sector Report: Gold - Still Aping the 1970s

By Prne, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, October 13, 2009

LONDON - Synopsis: In our April 2009 report, Gold - a return to the 1970s, we posited a theory that if gold repeats the same performance in the current cycle as it did during the 1970s re-inflation, it would hit US$1,567/oz ‘in the near term’. In this follow-up report we argue that, with the world still facing deflationary forces in the near term, gold’s peak is likely to be delayed to 2013, but that its peak will be correspondingly higher at US$1,879/oz.

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The following companies are featured in this report: Allied Gold Ltd. (ALD), Ariana Resources plc (AAU), Avocet Mining plc (AVM), Centamin Egypt Ltd. (CNT), Central Rand Gold Limited (CRD), Chaarat Gold Holdings Ltd (CGH), China Goldmines plc (CGM), Cluff Gold plc (CLF), Condor Resources Limited (CNR), Conroy Diamonds & Gold plc (CDG), European Goldfields Ltd. (EGU), Frontier Mining Ltd. (FML), Galantas Gold Corp. (GAL), Greatland Gold plc (GGP), Greystar Resources Ltd. (GSL), Hambledon Mining plc (HMB), Highland Gold Mining Ltd. (HGM), Kirkland Lake Gold Inc. (KGI), Kryso Resources (KYS), Leyshon Resources Ltd. (LRL), Medoro Resources Ltd. (MRS), Medusa Mining Ltd. (MML), Metals Exploration Plc (MTL), Moto Goldmines Limited (MOE), Norseman Gold Plc. (NGL), Orsu Metals Corporation (OSU), Oxus Gold plc (OXS), Pan African Resources PLC (PAF), Patagonia Gold plc (PGD), Peninsular Gold Limited (PGL), Petropavlovsk PLC (POG), Randgold Resources Ltd. (RRS), Serabi Mining Plc (SRB), Shanta Gold Ltd. (SHG), Stratex International plc (STI), Tianshan Goldfields Ltd. (TGF), Trans-Siberian Gold plc (TSG), Uruguay Mineral Exploration Inc. (UME), Vatukoula Gold Mines plc (VGM), Witwatersrand Consolidated Gold Resources Limited (WGR), Archipelago Resources PLC (AR), Central African Gold plc (CAN), GMA Resources plc (GMA)

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