Money Transfer Industry Urged to Inter-connect at IAMTN Conference: Luup and Dhasatra Advocate an Open Mobile Money Transfer Ecosystem

By Luup, PRNE
Monday, March 28, 2011

DUBAI, UAE, March 29, 2011 - Mobile financial solutions provider Luup today outlined key success
factors for building a seamless remittances ecosystem that includes
challenging geographies such as Indonesia.

At the MTD conference held in Dubai by the IAMTN, the international trade
association for the money transfer industry, Saqib Iqbal, Regional Director
Asia Pacific for Luup, reinforced: "Users want cost-effective interconnected
money transfer services that they can access from any provider, anytime,
anywhere." He added: "Mobile technology enables such efficient services, yet
they depend on co-operation and the building of payments gateways, seamless
remittance interconnections and cash-out facilities."

Indonesia is a particularly challenging geography due to a
largely unbanked population spread over hundreds of islands. The
proliferation of mobile phones though makes it highly conducive to mobile
enabling services. Seizing this opportunity to bring cost effective, real
time remittance solutions to its customers, Dhasatra Indonesian Remittance,
has joined Luup's expanding, open mobile money transfer ecosystem.

Luup will mobile enable the inbound remittance corridor to
Indonesia for Dhasatra and the subsequent distribution into Dhasatra's
extensive network in the country. Both banked and unbanked will be able to
remit into bank accounts of 120 banks or cash out from bank and post office
branches as well as telecom franchisees.

In 2010 alone inbound remittances to Indonesia amounted to around
US$ 11Bn. The fast growing numbers of Indonesian migrants in the Middle East
in particular are set to benefit from this increased convenience. The UAE,
for example, ranks fourth globally with its sending volume to Indonesia and
Luup already has an established payments gateway serving users in the Middle
. Luup's regional presence provides Dhasatra with access to more sending
institutions and other key partners in the Luup ecosystem.

Nicolas R. Dharmawan, President Director of Dhasatra, joined Luup
at the MDT conference in advocating seamless mobile money transfers and gave
examples of business benefits his company is gaining: "Partnering with Luup
brings more remittances volume and traffic to Dhasatra and ultimately
increases revenue. We are also excited about opportunities we will be able to
pursue in Indonesia for m-commerce and domestic mobile money transfers as the
partnership evolves further."

The Money Transfer Dubai conference was held on the 29th March in Dubai
and Luup demonstrated its solutions on its stand as well as speaking on the
conference stream 'Business opportunities and Challenges'. For further
details see

About Dhasatra Indonesian Remittance

Dhasatra Indonesian Remittance is the first Indonesian
Remittance company that offers various services with its own system. Dhasatra
Indonesian Remittance has direct connections to banks, the post office of
Indonesia and telecoms companies. And through our comprehensive partners we
can provide remittance services even to the most remote or rural areas in

About Luup

Luup offers banking-grade mobile payments and financial services
solutions that solve customers' business challenges, giving access to new
cost-saving and revenue-generating business models. Corporate and merchant
banks can take advantage of the Luup Mobile Corporate Banking Solution;
Retail banks can benefit from the Branchless Banking Solution; MTOs &
exchange houses can innovate with the Remittance Solution. Luup has proven
best-practice experience in developing, deploying and running mobile money
managed services since 2002. These range from mobile cash or salary
disbursements to remittances and corporate payments - all securely via the
mobile handset.

Luup is creating an extensive payments gateway, enabling its
customers to expand their own business reach with Luup's partners. The
company devises strategies for financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank's
Global Transaction Banking group and leading UAE bank, the National Bank of
Abu Dhabi. Other partners include Oxigen Services in India, Dhasatra in
Indonesia and ITC Ltd in Bangladesh. For additional information visit

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