More and More Foreign Companies Discover Brabant's High-Tech Environment

By Bom Foreign Investments, PRNE
Thursday, March 10, 2011

Brabant and BOM Reinforce Strong International Position

TILBURG, The Netherlands, March 11, 2011 - As a result of the region's growing high-tech reputation, more and more
foreign companies choose Brabant as a base for their R&D operations. For the
first time the greatest interest from abroad is geared towards establishing a
Research & Development Center in Brabant, primarily companies in electronics,
medical technology, solar and semi-conductors. This has emerged from
preliminary figures for 2010 released by BOM Foreign Investments.

Twenty percent of all BOM's contacts with foreign companies in 2010
regarding potential business locations involved the R&D sector, pushing the
manufacturing sector to second place. In particular, Brabant's unique
position within the Netherlands concerning high level technology is causing a
structural change in the influx of investments from abroad.


"We've noticed that Brabant is becoming more and more visible
internationally," Richard l'Ami, BOM Foreign Investments Director, explains
part of the success. "Our work on this combination of pro-active acquisition
and creating a strong position for Brabant's high-tech facilities is really
paying off. We're promoting the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven as a serious
competitor to Silicon Valley and other high-tech centers in Boston, Japan,
China, India and Israel. Brabant's developments are of an international
standard and the interest shown by the R&D sector for Brabant proofs this. We
have put our name firmly on the map and have added a Unique Selling Point to
our proposition. Brabant can profit from high level technology - this segment
will make us truly an international player."

Intense dynamics

L'Ami has noticed strongly increased dynamics of Brabant's economy. "The
number of prospective investors has increased by 17% compared to 2009". The
USA is responsible for the larger part, although China and Taiwan jointly
account for an equal number of prospects. Asian trade and industry - which
also include India, Japan and Korea - are very well represented. L'Ami also
points out the striking contribution of foreign investments from other
European countries: "Twenty percent of the projects originate in Europe,
which means Brabant's positioning has made its mark there as well. Now we
need to concentrate even more on promoting Brabant's high-tech profile in
economically sound regions like the Stockholm area and Baden Wuerttemberg in

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